Saturday, November 1, 2014

Winter prep winding down

Thursday afternoon's schedule was cleared so as to accept delivery of a cord of seasoned firewood. I paid to have it stacked inside the garage. Done.

I will be placing the driveway reflector stakes out tomorrow (rained today) and suspect that I will need to acquire more. A friend has offered some to me.

I also stopped at Xpect, planning on getting some rock salt, which they have yet to have come in. I still have about 1/2 a smaller bag leftover from last year. Same friend has offered me some as well. Nice.

With daylight savings starting tonight, I will have to reset timers on lights.

Final project: finish putting away items stored in the garage bay so that I can park in there again. I can't scrape my car or brush it off very well, due to OT limitations.


Belinda said...

Looks like you are stocked up on firewood. It looks nice all neatly stacked like that.

I have a full bucket of rock salt left from last year for the stairs this winter. It should last all winter. It's been really cold here already this weekend, only 38 degrees and snow in the higher elevations. Brrr

CTMOM said...

COld and blustrey here in CT today. Since it's so windy, however, I still plan on line drying, the wind will speed things up. : )

Lynda D said...

One of the things i love about following OS blogs is learning about the things you do in the normal everyday that are different to us. Our winter prep means we take the jumpers out of the bottom drawer. You guys seem to have two very distinct lifestyles. I think it makes it kind of exciting rather than same same. Id rather be preparing for snow and ice than extreme heat and the bushfire season.