Sunday, November 2, 2014

Winter prep: the food storage pantry

Yesterday was my big stock up/replenishing grocery store trip. I hit 3 stores, didn't use any coupons (so few out there anyway) as most of what we needed/wanted came from stores such as Aldi's where I select private label products. I only use one "food pantry," narrow cabinet for common food stuffs storage such as crackers, cerearls, open pasta boxes, oil, vinegar, etc. Daily, I turn to my food storage, located at the bottom of the cellar stairs, right next to the door that opens to the garage (back in, place groceries right on selves (or in freezer located in garage). Very convenient.

 Upper shelf hold pasta, grains, second shelf hold canned vegetables and tomatoes, third shelf holds canned soups, canned fish, canned fruits, msc such as honey, salsa, peanut butter; fourth shelf hold more pasta, dried legumes or all kinds, canned pumpkin and squash, evap milk, extra "Pam" spray. Floor holds 3 huge orange storage buckets for sugar and flours, my 2 tiered basket for potatoes and squash at the moment, mini baskets for onions/shallots/ red and purple potatoes/garlic. In front, I have multiple bottles of fruit and vegetable juices, gallons of assorted vinegars and canola oil, gallons of maple syrup, 2 12 packs of soda, 2 2 l of soda.
To the right, is my cannign cabinet and where I store extras of condiments and coffee for the most part.

We are well set moving into the cold season. The rest of my monies this month, besides the usual gallon of milk, butter etc will be put towards meat deals for the freezer, and hopefully some hotel style turkey breasts. Stores recently had them @ 99/lb but I missed that sale. I did see fzn HoneySuckle whole birds at Xpect for and I am contemplating getting a few of those.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing a full pantry in others houses and mine. I feel like I'm ready to weather things when the pantry is full.

Belinda said...

I like your pantry shelves. How nice and convenient to be able to pull in and unload. Very nice indeed. :)

mikemax said...

I like your pantry, too! I actually have a walk-in pantry next to my kitchen, but the shelves are a mess at the moment and it needs replenishing, too. It's a great feeling to go into winter with a full pantry and full freezer. I'm waiting to see the prices for turkeys at Thanksgiving before I get too excited about buying extras. An extra turkey in the freezer is my favorite thing for when we have house guests.

CTMOM said...

Max, I aim to cook one turkey/turkey breast a month, from Nov thru April, if possible. It's a meat we like, and if I can get it on sale, a very economical option. I can do a lot with leftover turkey, and often freeze it in meal sized portions. I now know that Xpect is offering fzn birds for 75/lb. With Thanksgiving approaching, I am hoping for a better deal, and not one that requires that I spend hundreds of dollars for the next few weeks.