Friday, November 28, 2014

What's old is new again, and keeping warm in Winter

This is an energy efficient home, in stark contrast to where we spent the last two years. The LL here has installed new, energy efficient, replacement windows such as these in the dining room:

 which were dressed in pretty valence curtains that the LL had made: large augergine purple flowers on a silver grey background, with olive green stems. Very pretty. Of late, however, especially after the sun sets, we are finding the dining room windows (as well as the large kitchen bay window) to be cold. Time to do something about that.

I went up to the attic (walk up stairs) and dug out my 3 sets of Waverly, green/blue/orange/white floral lined drapes. I bought these YEARS ago at a local thrift shop, spending $5/pair. I used the black rings with clips that I had used at the former rental, to hang these same drapes in the dining room there.

Once the sun sets, I can close these, to keep us more comfortable. I am already doing the same with the drapes across the large window in the living room.

The walls to the dining room are a silver gray above the chair rail, deep olive below. I have a cream and tan swirl rug beneath the dining table. I have to use what I already have and these seem to match just fine.

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Tracy Hathcock said...

I love the colors and pattern of the first set - though the second one is lovely as well. I love being able to make something work without having to spend money!