Friday, November 21, 2014

What's been cooking?

 Tuesday: planned overs: the leftover chicken cacciatore sauce from Sunday was used as a marinara over a lb of plain zizi, topped with a combination of shredded Mozzarella, Parmesan and Provolone cheeses
 Canned green beans on the side.

Wed: Y.O.Y.O. night-grab a meal sized container of leftovers, make yourself something to eat
 Thursday: taco night! We actually had ground beef! I used a lb of Aldi's 85% fzn tubes of ground beef and mixed it with a drained and rinsed can of Goya black beans (sale plus cpn deal) and some home made, salt free seasoning. Pictured in back is a dish with some refried beans (Dollar Tree) that we call "bean paste" as the first layer in our tacos
 Dollar Tree flour tortillas
 Choice of toppings: shredded blend of cheeses (I keep a tub in the freezer of mixed, shredded bits of Jack/Pepper Jack/Cheddar cheeses that I use for Mexican inspired dishes. This tub was just replenished, using the blocks of CHeddar (one regular and one NY state extra sharp-my preference) that were leftover from a work luncheon and languishing in the break room fridge. With a short week coming up at work, I knew that it was best to take it, use it up before it became a science experiment), chopped organic tomato, slivered organic lettuce, organic salsa, homemade salsa
Additional sides: canned corn, a box of McCormick rice and beans (Dollar Tree)

Fri: hotdogs and fzn homemade "Campbell's style" pork beans I defrosted, Aldi's hot dog buns with choice of condiments. Only 3 for supper, so I skipped the coleslaw I intended originally to make. Trying to make room in the fridge with Thanksgiving a week away.


mikemax said...

It all looks wonderful!I remember what it was like to come home after a long day at work and cook dinner. I think you do it better than I did (although nobody complained at the time).

We are celebrating Thanksgiving today because DS is visiting from Wyoming for the weekend. I've been in the kitchen all day--the turkey is almost done. So far I have made pumpkin and apple crisp pies, sweet potatoes with cranberries and maple syrup, mashed potatoes (warming in Crock Pot), a relish dish including deviled eggs, green beans and bacon. I cooked the sweet potatoes and russets in the pressure cooker. Now all I have to do is pull the turkey out of the oven, make a package of Stove Top cornbread stuffing, make the gravy, and heat the rolls. I've been doing dishes as I go, and I'm pooped. I'm thinking frozen pizza next Thursday!

CTMOM said...

Happy early Thanksgiving!