Friday, November 28, 2014

The next best thing to Thanksgiving: the next day leftovers!

 Here was today's lunch: sliced turkey breast over toasted oat bread, topped with homemade gravy, a side of homemade, whole berry cranberry sauce (which  is now empty!).
 Knowing that I was planning on few leftovers, I picked up some sale deals for anticipated side needs and/or quick to the table dinners. Aldi's stuffing mix (wasn't all that thrilled with it, BTW, perhaps I'll like the chicken flavored one or was it "herb"?)
 Frozen sweet potatoes were a BOGO plus I had $1 off cpn. The kids liked these alot. Pricey, but it's a whole food product, so reasonably healthy (if you didn't put the brown sugar and butter on top)
 Here's one diner plate. I mixed the 1/2 cup of remaining creamed onions with a 1/2 bag of fzn peas, added a drained can of mushrooms (Aldi's from France), some black pepper, a pat of butter. Done.
Besides a 2 cup container of sliced turkey breast for possible sandwiches and the 2 cups of "scrap" meat for soup, the above gravy, a jar of cranberry-orange relish and the almost cup of turkey gravy above, the leftovers are pretty much gone. Pies remain, but shouldn't last the weekend. : )  The peas, scrap meat, and gravy will come together in tomorrow's soup.

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