Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving prep

Wednesday found me slowly driving home through a slippery, slushy mess. I was most worried about going down our driveway as it dips down to the parking area infront of the garage. Since there was packed snow, this gave me better traction, and I was relieved to have made it home safely. My own children's school was called off the night before (Tues) due to the forecasted conditions. DD went to work early at 10 a.m. only to close the shop and return home just after 12. Took her 15 minutes for a 5 minutes drive. Next, DS was to get off work at 3, he made it home, the roads were worse. Based on those conditions, GF called out on work, as she works in the same plaza as DS, and the same bad roads would have had to been taken to get back there, bringing her to work. She was due in for 4 p.m. When she called, she learned that many were calling out at well. Just glad that everyone was home safe.

As is my routine, I made the pumpkin pies the night before Thanksgiving, this year turning to some canned Butternut squash that has been lurking in the pantry. More traditonal in New England anyways. Just glad to get 2 more cans off the shelves.

As the oven was on, I went ahead and also prebaked the sweet potatoes, for a sweet potato casserole the next day (Thanksgiving)>
 Meanwhile, I got 2 ABMs going and made 2 batches of pizza dough. My tradition is to send a kidlet to grab some take out, but with the roads being so bad, that was out of the question. I had yet to shred the Deli cheese ends that I picked up the weekend before, and I had some lurkers in the fridge that had to go, so hommeade pizza for 6 it was. I determined that I'd made 2 this time, since they had meat on them. Pizza number one: Pepperoni, "meatball" aka that last slice of meatloaf cubed up, onion.
Pizza number 2: Pepperoni, onion, mushroom, and Italian sausage (using only one link).

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