Sunday, November 16, 2014

Taking them up on their warranty

Image:L L bean

We're a family that simply LIVES in these wicked good, sheerling mocasins, come the arrival of cold weather. My first pair lasted at least 4 years. I bought a replacement pair. The top stitching soon gave out. Hmmm . . contacted LLBean, just order a new pair, use the box they came in and send the old ones back, we'll credit your account. I did just that, and a refund to my CC was soon made. Fast forward, and I now am wearing the replacement pair, which has developed a hole-the sueded leather has now torn away from the plastic sole. Ugh. I am NOT rough on shoes.

So, I have just ordered a new pair, and once again will send these back, to get a credit. I only wore them a few months last year, and just started wearing them again, as the cold weather is only recently upon us. These are $69 slippers. I expect more from LL Bean, a company I've supported for years. I suspect that as they job out more and more items, quality issues such as those I've experienced with my replacement slippers, will continue. At least they still stand behind their products.


Theresa F said...

I purchased my daughter moccasins for Christmas a few years back. By June the stitching had come apart. They were not cheap and I was not impressed. I took them back without a receipt to the Softmoc store and they were wonderful. Full refund no problem. I have no problem shopping at or referring stores that will stand behind their products. I have heard good things about L.L. Bean. They unfortunately are not in Canada and I have not tried ordering online.

CTMOM said...

I have shopped LLB for years, they USED to be exclusively made in USA, often in New England (I feel strongly about shopping locally, if at all possible). More and more of their items are sourced outside the US now, and I feel that the quality is dropping, as a result. I love these moccasins, and look forward to my new pair. Sigh, hopefully they'll last more this time.

mikemax said...

If the third pair doesn't last, I can highly recommend the version made by Cabela's, which I am wearing now.

Rachel said...

I haven't bought shoes from LL Bean, but I have decided that from now on my kids' backpacks are coming from there. I found Jacob one at Goodwill for $5 and it is so much better quality than the other backpacks I looked at. I just ordered Rebecca one for Christmas as she has already gone through 2 walmart ones this school year.

CTMOM said...

Rachel, my kids backpacks have always been from LLBean. They got new ones when they hit high school.One had come apart near the zipper, I mailed it back, they replaced it immediately, no question. It was a $69 backpack, if I remember correctly. It'll be used thru college if he choses to continue schooling.