Sunday, November 2, 2014

Taking care of "hot zones"

I have always liked a divide and conquor approach to overwhelming tasks. Although we moved Aug 1, and were officially out of the other rental Aug 13th, 2 serious accidents and on going medical stuff followed by my return to work, coupled with immensely increased work demands have really put a strain on getting what I want/need to done. I am great at prioritizing and at the end of the day, your needs are met, but stuff gets pushed aside as a result. I've identified some areas/tasks that simply must get done:

-empty large box of my desk supplies, store it in my desk
-organize paperwork on desk and have a plan of action for dealing with the issues that are lingering as pertains aforementioned paperwork
-ditto paperwork/outstanding issues on the kitchen table which can be a real issue for me as a dumping ground
-box of school supplies in boy's room (store it somewhere but get it out of there!). No room for a desk in that room, so this has been a catch all
-have A/C in boys room moved to storage (currently on floor)
-go thru the stuff in boxes that are currently in my garage bay, store/donate and be able to get my car back into the garage (I can't and do not want to try to brush off my car come Winter weather)
-go thru my many, many pairs of shoes and sell/donate what I can't wear, due to foot arthritis.  Sigh.
-go thru box in my room that holds the contents of the junk drawer aka night table drawer. I now only have my necessities in that drawer and I'm loving it!
-cull thru my clothes some more, donate/sell

Once the aforementioned is tackled, I can relax and work on some sewing projects. I am still contemplating installing cut down versions of the insulating panels that were used in DD's "room" at the former rental (some died when washed so they were tossed). Although this home has all new, energy efficient windows, I am finding that there are some drafts, and we have them securely locked shut. I also may drag out my stash of homemade draft dodgers for over the top of the windows where the 2 panels meet, as this seems to be the worse area. Don't get me wrong, these are great windows, but replacement windows aren't known for fitting tightly. We've been very comfortable here, even with howling winds.


Belinda said...

We will have to cover at least two areas this month with plastic for the winter. Last week it was still hot here in the afternoon, but this weekend it turned to 38 degrees, so I'll have to address that soon.

We did get the clutter from the dryer cleaned up this weekend. All the chairs are back in place and the laundry is getting cleaned, sorted and put away. The whole place looks so much better.

Sounds like you have good plans in place to conquer yours as well.

Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Hi Carol! I've been working on my list too. Having it all laid out in front of me makes it a lot easier to tackle. And I'm going just one at a time to not stress too much. Good luck with your list!
~ Pru

Shara said...

I'm like you. I love having my list going and things organized. I'm still working on things and my current hot spot is a hutch that is in our front foyer. The drawer is a junk drawer, but it has officially gone from junk drawer to "junky" drawer. The bottom holds all of our board games and is usually quite neat.
It is next on my list to tackle.