Sunday, November 16, 2014

So what's been cooking?

 Insane demands at work, coupled with outside of work obligations are keeping me from the blog during the work week. Here's an update as to what's been cooking around here. First up: a recent birthday luncheon celebration at work:  My contribution was homemade tuna salad (yes, many purchase it premade from the Deli counter around here. Takes all of 5 minutes, if that to make my own, using ingredients on hand, mostly from Aldi's)
 Last week's Sunday supper: roast chicken, baked red Kuri squash, scallopped potatoes (mix), homemade cranberry sauce. Salad on the side (not pictured) with usual choice of dressings. Monday's fish dinner was homemade salmon cakes-no photo, I rushed home from an appointment to get supper on the table, PRONTO!
 Tuesday's dinner: our first Sheppard's  pie, using the ground lamb from my organic CSA farm share. Here's the meat layer: ground lamb, lentils, carrot, onion, galic, tomato, grated Kholrabi, seasonings
 I used instant potatoes as a time saver, but also as we were gifted a ton of them, and I need to actively use them up/eat them down. Casseroles such as this are a perfect way to do so. They aren't my top pick, I much prefer fresh potatoes, but they work in a pinch. After making the potato layer, I scored it with a fork, sprinkled Paprika on top and then hand grated the rest of a block of sharp Cheddar that I had lurking. Good to use that up as well.
 Fresh out of the oven.
 Here's a close up. This went over very well, I was hoping for some leftovers, but managed to only have on luncheon tub set aside for the next work day. I didnt' tell the kids until afterwards, that this was made with lamb. Wed is leftover night, as the twins are with Dad for dinner, older kids tend to be working weird shifts. YOYO night. Perfect.
 Thursday's vegetarian meal: a vegetarian lentil-kidney bean chilli, thanks to Frugal Queen ( is a real keeper! I used lentils, canned kidney beans, carrots, onion, dried minced garlic, drained canned corn, tomatoes, 2 officially expired Knorr veggie stock cubes (glad to use those up). This was served over brown rice, with option to top with some home shredded (kept in freezer tub) blended cheese (Monteray Jack, Pepper Jack, Cheddar) that was leftover from taco night last month. The heat of the chilli quickly melted the cheese, for those who chose to add some. I will definately make this again. Huge pot of this chilli, but only 2 luncheon tubs as leftovers.

Friday night was a planned splurge: take out Greek pizza from a local, family restaurant we've frequented for years. The twins are here this weekend, as Saturday was my birthday.
Saturday was not soup or sandwich night, rather it was Mom's birthday celebration. After much thought, I decided that we would NOT be going out to eat (I'd be paying anyway) as the past few times (and this is a rare event) that we have done so, I was disappointed: serving sizes shrunk further, usual entree sides gone (only a salad now, no side vegetable). $$ when all was said and done. So, as an alternative, I splurged on a lb of frozen, cleaned, deshelled and cooked, large shrimp and I tried a new recipe, garlicky shrimp pasta-my source being an ad from a grocery store chain of all places! It is touted as an "eating healthy" recipe, serves 6, is quick to prepare in 25 minutes, with only 325 calored per serving. Perfect! The kids gave me cards, a few gifts, and a store bakery chocolate cake. My crazy thing is that I refuse to make my own birthday cake. : )

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