Sunday, November 2, 2014

So just WHAT did I buy?


My previous post mentions yesterday's monthly stock up/replenishing grocery trip. Here's what I bought:

Store # 1 Xpect discounts (Marc's for those of you out in Ohio)
large jar of Spanish olives, assorted bags of imported Italian pasta (elbows, penne, ziti) @ 79/lb and 67/lb, parsnips, 3 lbs carrots, 6 lbs yellow onions, lb NY sharp Cheddar and a wedge of domestic Parmesan (a bit of good cheese goes much further, IMO than the knock off stuff), garlic "pub cheese," 8 cans green beans (cut and french style), 4 cans cream corn, 2 cans black olives, 8  lbs sugar, 2 lbs honey,  2 lbs brown sugar, 2 lbs each: lentils, black beans, barley; huge head cauliflower, 2 40 oz jars peanut butter, 2 large lemons, 2 pkgs hair clips, 2 bottles gravy master, 2 pkgs marked down ground pork (will need for Christmas meat pies), 2 pkgs of marked down Italian style chicken sausages (moved to make 4 meal sized bags of 3 links each), 5 lb bag Texas red grapefruit, 4 bags Birds eye frn mixed vegetables, 4 lb bag CA navel oranges, marked down bag bananas, marked down head of green leaf lettuce, head of garlic, large tub organic baby salad greens, 10 lbs bread flour, pkg of boot laces (DS will reimburse me). I spent $113.53 with an under $3 reimbursement due me

Store # 2: Aldi's
4 large cans baked beans, 3 qts 1/2 & 1/2, assorted 1/2 gallon bottles of juices, 2 pkgs "oreos", 2 bags potatoe chips, 1 bag "fritos" for today's lunch chilli, 10 lbs all purpose potatoes,  4 each fzn tubes ground beef and turkey, 4 boxes tissues, 4 fzn oj, 6 cans ck lite tuna, 1 can "Spam," 2 cans corned beef hash, 5 cans mushrooms, 2 pkgs fresh mushrooms, 4 cans kernal corn (only creamed corn was on sale for less at Xpect and was S & W-a good brand, not that Aldi's own brand is bad!, 4 cans evap milk, large can coffee, 1 tub soft margarine, 1 lb stick margarine, 2 lbs butter, assorted pkgs presliced cheeses for sandwiches (such as Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone,etc), a lb sliced turkey sandwich meat, 2 lb bag Basmatti rice, 3 jars assorted imported mustard (Dijon, herbed etc), 2 boxes "honey nut cheerios,"2 boxes cocoa packets, cottage cheese, 2 lbs br sugar (grr-cheaper here than Xpect), assorted boxes granola bars, assorted boxes crackers, 2 boxes maple leaf cookies, 2 loaves seeded Rye, 3 pkgs bagels (remember the huge tub of free Philly cream cheese?), cheese puffs and crunchy "cheetos." I spent $165.77

Store # 3 Dollar Tree
2 36 oz bottle Vine Ripe (red gold/Red pack company) ketchup, 2 pkgs flour tortillas, an individual Pepsi (my blood sugar was low), assoreted pkgs mini snack sized chocolate bars for treats, 1 7 oz bottles of dry roasted peanuts to mix up gorp for work (cheaper than Aldi's price), 1 fzn onoin rings, 2 fzn tater tots, 3 thanksgiving cards @ 50 cents each (cheaper than Xpect single cards even tho discounted and cheaper than the discounted multi packs. I needed 3 cards, I spent $1.50 plus tax.).  spent $18.09

So I will tally everything up, to see just where I stand so I can make informed decisions. I recently put money into the car, getting a cord of firewood, and will soon order an oil delivery (we have used 1/2 tank so far, which is about right). Christmas is around the corner as well, and I am planning accordingly. It will again be a modest celebration. It's more important to me to share a nice meal than to get into debt over gifts. My gift to the family this year was moving to a much better housing situation, supporting my older kids in the process.


Belinda said...

Moving to the new place is a terrific gift for your family.

We are planning a modest Christmas too. We'll have good food and a clean, warm house. Just spending time together and enjoying some of our holiday traditions will be good.

Sandie Apuzzo said...

Hi Carol, tell me about the frozen ground turkey you buy at Aldi's. What is the fat percentage? I'm assuming you are happy with it as I think you purchase it alot. Thanks for the input!

CTMOM said...

Label reads: 85% lean 15% fat 3% added water. Note that the texture, as with the comparable fzn tubes of ground beef, isn't in the long string shape that ground meat comes in. It's more of a smooshed paste/blob. Hard to describe. I use it often for tacos, burgers, chilli etc. No complaints, not greasy and a real budget stretch as it retails for $1.89 (was $1.49) while the ground beef is $3.49 (was $2.99) Grocery stores around here have grnd turkey at $3.50/lb when on sale, and ground beef goes for $6.49. Thud.