Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday's making the rounds


Up early, I stripped 3 beds and set to getting the laundry done. I broke down and used the dryer, as temps weren't to go above freezing, and there was a chance of rain. Heavy, flannel sheets and towels take forever to dry.

I fixed a tray of biscuits, made some coffee, poured some OJ and that became breakfast, serving homemade, organic jam from our CSA share with the biscuits. Yummy!  Once I was dressed for the day, I drove the trash and recycling over to the transfer station. Glad to report that our bill was only $3.40 for the 2 week interval. Perfect.

Next: off to the city, to hit multiple shops. First up: Stop and Shop:

2 tubs Alouette garlic and herbs soft cheese (BOGO), 4 1 lb blocks Polly O low fat Mozzarella @ $1.99 ea, 5 assorted 2 L bottles of soda (77 cents ea), 1 box Ritz crackers $1.88 w/ cpn, a fancy box of tea for a gift for Xmas, O Spray cranberry juice $1.88 after cpn, box of Bell's seasoning, 6 bottles Purex detergent @ $1.99, Suave conditioner 49 cents after cpn, 2 pkgs beef mini hotdogs (for Christmas appetizers) $2.50 ea, almost 15 lb turkey @ 59/lb (for the freezer, we now have 2 stored there), 1 fresh pineapple $1.29. After coupons, I spent $55.68

Next: Aldi: milk, 3 lbs sweet potatoes, gallon egg nog, 4 fzn oj, 2 pkgs swabs, 2 qts 1/2 & 1/2, 2 lbs butter, fresh cranberries, 2 3 ct pkgs gum, pkg low fat Deli ham. I spent $33.72

Next: Dollar Tree (receipt is around somewhere, I spent about $12): 1 bottle Pepsi (was getting low blood sugar), 4 boxes cold cereal, 3 8 ct pkgs eggs, 2 2 lb bags french fries, 2 24 oz bags tater tots,

Next: Shoprite: 4 cans Delmonte beets and 4 of green beans (after sale and cpn, these were close to Aldi's prices), 3 huge boxes Scotties tissues (sale plus cpn deal), 2 jars Ragu for the pantry (sale plus cpn), 2 pkts Mrs Dash beef stew seasoning (sale/cpn deal), 2 imported chocolate bars (cpn), 2 large tubs French fried onions, 2 cans Libby corn and 2 green beans(again close or cheaper than Aldi's), marked down bananas, multiple tubs of Yoplait, 2 boxes fzn Hanover sweet potatoes (sale/cpn), several bags fzn veggies (sale/cpn), 4 1 lb rolls pork bfst sausage,

approx 2 lbs assorted Deli cheese ends (noted new price from $2.79 to $2.99/lb now), 1 bottle Suave lotion (cpn). I used a $5 rebate preloaded credit card towards these purchases (was a refund for Cascade tablets so consider it like a cpn). I spent $45.58 after the CC.

Next: Home Depot to get some replacement, whole house water filters. LL told me to get them there. Come to find out, they are only available on line BUT I can order them to be shipped to the store, and per the clerk, avoid paying shipping. I have to look into that. I did pick up a gooseneck, adjustable, brush nickel task lamp for my sewing area. I posted a "in search of" on several, local Facebook tag sale sites, and did get a few bites, including one from someone selling a great, floor lamp, but is awaiting the delivery of new furniture in a month before she would sell it. I told her fine, how much? I know she read the posted reply (date stamp reports "seen") yet she never answered me. I need to sew, and can't wait on a whim. If she was serious about setting it aside (I was willing to wait)-she'd have jumped on it. Shrug. I don't have the receipt with me, I spent around $30.

Next: CVS to pick up DD's RX (free-we have no deductible left) and some supplies for one kidlet-paid out of alternative resources so a freebie to me.

Next: local IGA: 2 lbs br sugar (sale/cpn), bag red lentils (for another Froogs recipe), 6 tubes of Pillsbury crescent rolls (sale/cpn), 4 boxes Pillsbury pie crusts (sale/cpn), 2 Hood sour cream (bogo), tub fresh mushrooms (sale), tub ice cream (sale). I spent $27.94.

Today is Saturday before the upcoming Thanksgivng this Thursday. The behavior of many that I saw out today was just plain RUDE. While it was Sat, a major shopping day of the week, and prior to a holiday, the stores weren't all that bad as far as waiting in line/service. One woman was dropping the F bomb right/left as she ranted about shopping (in a grocery store full of families that included children! @@). Cashier opens a new line, calls me and the women waiting behind me over, only to have a man fly in and cut the second woman off.

'Tis the season, I am afraid!  It is for this very reason that I always aim to finish my actual store shopping before Thanksgiving as I simply abhore witnessing this side of "humanity." I much prefer the calm of my home, being able to enjoy the time with family/friends. You can keep the craziness, no thanks.


Belinda said...

I am with you on the craziness, I want to avoid it. I won't be shopping on Black Friday. There is nothing I need that I would be willing to fight the crowds for anyway. I like to shop early in the day on a regular day, if possible, to avoid as many people as possible anyway.

You got some great deals. 1 pound blocks of mozzarella for $1.99 is an amazing price! I looked at the Alouette garlic and herb soft cheeses this week too as they were on sale and wondered if we would like them. We normally like stuff like that. How does your family like those?

CTMOM said...

Belinda, we love Alouette or other brands of herb and garlic "pub cheese." On crackers, whipped into a sauce over pasta-good stuff! Pricey but at BOGO, I treat the family.

Belinda said...

That sounds good. I will definitely have to try it then. Thanks.