Sunday, November 16, 2014

Recent freebies/gifts

 Recently, a friend gifted me with this ABM that she no longer needed. While I still have 2, one is making such a noise and will soon die. I had been looking for a replacement, unsuccessfully, on the second hand market. Getting a freebie is awesome.
 This past Friday was the birthday luncheon to honor my birthday. My freebie lunch, as I didn't have to contribute or tote my own, included the above desserts: a lemon tart and a cake. I brought these leftovers home for the kids.
 Also remaining were some fresh apples, which I tossed into my take home bag as well.
 One co-worker gifted me with a box of chocolates
 and a pretty, purple floral scarf (purple is my color!). Picture is bad due to flash from the celophane wrapper.
Friday's mail brought a prepaid, $5 credit card from Proctor and Gamble as a refund for a recent purchase of Cascade dishwasher tabs. While not a complete "freebie," my out of pocket cost was 49 cents plus tax. I pay $2.49 for a 20 count packet at Aldi's or $1 for a box of Sun powder at Dollar Tree. Nice offer. Sometimes these promotions don't go through for one reason or another. This obviously did, and was a quick turn around.

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