Saturday, November 29, 2014

Post Thanksgiving Saturday soup: surprise! it's turkey based!

Today is Saturday, so it's soup day here. Naturally, it's turkey soup. I picked the carcass after it made broth, gleaning another 2 cups of what I call "scraps" and set that aside the other day, just for this soup. I used 2 additional quarts that I intentionally did not freeze, for today's soup. The last stalk of celery, 2 carrots, the rest of last night's  creamed peas/onions/mushrooms, the rest of the turkey gravy  (also from last night) joinded the party along with some water, bouillon packets (in lieu of salt), black pepper, fresh parsley, French tarragon, chopped Swiss chard stems (to help make up for the lack of celery), a medium onion that I chopped up.  
 I'm letting this brew all day and later this afternoon, will add some fine egg noodles aka "soup noodles" to the awaiting Crock Pot.

 I also plan on experimenting with the remaining Swiss chard leaves that I set aside, the rest of the fresh mushrooms and a purple onion and concocting a type of salad with sliced hard boiled egg on top.

 I blended the dregs of some homemade honey mustard dressing and some Ranch dip that needs to go,  along with the dregs of the organic wildflower honey as well as the dregs of the yellow mustard. In the continued effort to clear out the fridge, I also combined the dregs of the older ketchup bottle into the opened newer bottle, then added a bit of water and swished out the older bottle, adding this tomato water to the soup in the Crock Pot. I also added some of my homemade, Italian vinaigrette to the empty yellow mustard bottle and swished it out with the dressing, returning the now mustard infused dressing to the awaiting curet. Good to get these items used up, into the recycling bin, which is scheduled (I go every 2 weeks) for next weekend.  I'm reserving this Honey mustard dressing to top the salad. This is a take on my usual Spinach salad. I figure that this should work as I treat Swiss chard as I do spinach. 

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mikemax said...

Well, all of your meals since Thanksgiving do look good! (Thanksgiving, too). I ended up with 12 cups of turkey cubes, plus some sliced turkey, from my 18 lb. bird. Tonight we are having homemade mac-n-cheese with leftover frozen ham cubes, coleslaw and canned pineapple.