Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our first oil bill at the new rental


Here are my records from the former rental for the Aug-November time periods:

Aug 15-Nov 16 2012 used 191.8 gallons @ $3.79/gal   $728.65  (94 days = 2 gallons/day)
Aug 19 -Oct 25 2013 used 83.9 gallons @ $3.69/gallon $310.35/68 days= 1.23/gallons/day
Oct 26-Nov 25 2013 used 152.8 gallons @ $3.79/gallon $580.49 /31 days = 4.9 gallons/day

We just got our first oil delivery here:

August 1-Nov 12 2014 used 114.4 gallons @ $3/gal $343.20/104 days=1.1 gallons/day

This is an energy efficient home, and while we have had the heat on (a bit in the morning, a bit at night-there are 3 zones on progamable thermostats), we are very comfortable. I am wearing a long sleeved T, a quilted vest, jeans, and of course, my L L Bean wicked good slippers. Also, this new rental doesn't require me to use a particular oil supplier, allowing me to return to the oil delivery company that I used for years-a local supplier that has historically been cheaper than most. 

 At least initially, it looks like my oil usage will drop somewhere around 50%. It's 29 degrees out and we have yet to start the wood stove. Nice. : )

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Belinda said...

That is wonderful, Carol. And that will help make up the difference in rent between your new place and the old one. :)