Sunday, November 30, 2014

Necessity is the mother of invention

 I don't like clutter, and I especially hate moving stuff out of the way. I must use rubber gloves come this time of year, or my eczyma gets really bad. We do have a dishwasher, but there still remains plenty that has to get hand washed. I have been setting my wet gloves across the edge of the sink/counter to dry. This really hasn't worked for me. I need to get these up and out of the way! I decided to first attach a clamp of some sort, and dug this baby blue one out of the drawer. I needed to attach a "hanger" onto it as the clamp opening was too small. I dug a baby blue rubber band out of the utility drawer, cut it in 1/2, and knotted it shut, after having made a hanging loop. It's simply a matter of circumstance that these are all blue.
 My kitchen bulletin board, aka "command center" of information has multiple, large push pins that I find easy to use (wish I could remember where I found them, as I'd like more). I grabbed one and inserted it into the upper corner cabinet that is over the corner sink (which I really hate for placement of a sink-first time I've ever had a corner sink. I now know that I dislike them). I inserted the push pin on the underside of the bottom lip of the cabinet. One can't see it while facing the sink cabinets.
I can now hang up the gloves to dry, tucked out of the way, keeping the sink clear for me. This works and cost me $0 to create.

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