Sunday, November 2, 2014

Home maintenance product review

I have previously mentioned that an area that I was concerned that we could be dinged against my ssecurity deposit at the former rental was the wood floors. Fairly recently installed prior to my tenancy, the realtor mentioned that they were new/newly refinished and the LL was concerned about keeping them nice. I discovered an area under the living room couch that got significantly scratched, due to DS # 3 sliding the couch over almost daily to plug in his laptop/Ipod. I researched, asked for opinions and ended up purchasing 3 products.

1-(not pictured) is a wood tone colored (I was going for light oak) "pencil" that was used to fill in the lighter scratched area. Yes, it covered it, but the final result wasn't all that great.

2-Wood tone colored "markers": again, I selected the light oak shade and trialed one scratch finding that the end result did look like a kid simply colored on the floor with a marker. Sigh.

3-Old English scratch cover-this left an oily residue much like dusting with lemon oil (my prefered method) would, but instructions are to first cover the scratched area, then wipe residual away. Finally, do the entire area (meaning room in this case). I left it as just addresssing the damaged area.

Bottom line: the Old English product is my top recommendation and I actually later went back and bought a bottle of the dark finish variety, to address some wear and tear on some furniture. We were not charged for any floor damage. : )


Bargain Mom said...

Now that you have them fixed, run to ocean state job lot and get some felp feet pads for the couch - they're self stick...have the kids install them and that will also help keep any dents at bay too.

CTMOM said...

Bargain, yes, I was able to fix or cover up the scratches at the other home we rented. I was proactive once we discovered what was happening, and I went to my local hardware store and bought those stick on, felt pads that you mention. Bonus is that they make slidding furniture a bit easier. : )