Sunday, November 9, 2014

Filling in some gaps


I am now the proud owner of this beautiful, Vera Wang, belted cardigan with pockets from Kohl's. I recognized, recently, that I really needed some longer length, cardigans for work. I still have a raspberry colored, thinner one that I wear year round and this will probably be the last year I can wear it to work-it's on it's last legs; an off white, shawl collared one I got at Goodwill last year in like new condition, a silver-grey, wool cardigan with embellishments on the front (another thrift shop rind YEARS ago) but with my new "uniform" of black pants daily, I needed at least one black, longer cardigan. My 2, shorter length, 3/4 sleeved cardigans simply weren't cutting it. My room is cold, I have no windows so passive solar isn't available. I looked on line, as we live fairly close to Kohl's and I found this one. Georgeous! $78-thud!

How I worked this: It was on sale @ $54.60, I opted to open a Kohl's account (their discount incentive is worth it, and I am disciplined to pay my CC off every month-so no additional expense), so I got an additional 20% off=$43.68, I used a $10 off promotional coupon=$33.68 and having just received a birthday check from Mom, I'm applying some of those funds to cover this beautiful, sweater coat, so $0 cost to me. : )

Having $16.32 left of birthday monies, I also got a new pair of Dearfoam, enclosed, ballet style slippers for the bath. My other pair are slip in scuffs and leave my feet cold in the morning as they are exposed to the chilly, bedroom air. These were also on sale plus extra 20% so $13.44 (more than I'd care to pay but not my funds-these are now a gift)
I still had $2.88 left, which I've applied towards the 2 additional, black, longer cardigans I selected, as well as another, long sleeved blouse (cream background with silver/grey/black floral-everything in my wardrobe must mix/match), a long, black and white blouse, a long sleeved, cotton T-could work for work/home. So for $91.95 I ended up with 3 cardigans, slippers, 2 blouses, a top that I could wear for work. These are investment pieces which I will wear, as usual, for years.

I am very pleased.


Baroness Prudent Spending said...

The Vera Wang sweater is absolutely gorgeous - great find! And opening a Kohls account made sense. I don't have one but those that I know who do, get such great savings. I use my Macy's card the same way - lots of coupons to use and always paid off in full.
~ Pru

Julie Vidani said...

I love the sweater and the blouse -- I like a longer version myself -- no worries about raising my arms, etc. very stylish too. Most of my wardrobe is now black based as well. makes it easier to add in a few new pieces.

Tracy Hathcock said...

I love the VW sweater!

Sandie Apuzzo said...

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday! I too love Kohls, and recently got 6 sweaters with $10.00 off $25 PLUS 20% off with Kohls charge (I too pay off balance each month) for $71.00. Only do the deals though, straight prices too steep.