Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fall grocery promotion stock up aka $245's worth of food for $119


Saturday morning took me into the city. Following a MRI appointment (this time my Achilles), I returned home, grabbed one kidlet and transported him to some lessons. Since I was in the area and had a large block of time, I went to Stop and Shop, lists, coupons and flyers in hand. I was on a mission to stock up on some awesome deals. First item of business: price matching a turkey. While S & S has a promotion for a store brand, fzn turkey @ 59/lb wiht a $25 purchase (an awesome deal in itself), A & P is offering 39/lb with $100 purchase. I knew I'd be spending at least that. I immediately approached the customer service desk and asked the CDH about their price match policy, inquiring as to how it worked, only to be told that they no longer do that. I politely showed her the S & S add that clearly states "we will match any competitor's adversied tureky price! limit 1"-so yes, you DO still offer this. No problem. I showed her the second ad, this time from A & P, which shows a store brand turkey as well for the promo. No problem, you'll just get the S & S turkey for 20 cents less/lb. Just bring the ad to the cashier when you cash out. Great!

So here's what I bought: 4 tubes Grands buttermilk biscuits (a rare treat for us) @ $1.70, 4 tubes Pillsbury cinnamon rolls @ $2.10 (another rare treat), 4 Birds Eye fzn pearl onions in cream sauce (great to mix with plain fzn peas, canned mushrooms or to use as a base for poultry pot pies) @ $1, 1 tub Breyers ice cream @ $2.50, 2 boxes Bell's stuffing @ $2. Triscuits @ $1.88, 5 cans Progresso soups @ $1, 2 boxes Betty Crocker scallopped potatoes @ 50 cents, 3 boxes Idahoan scallopped potatoes @ 86 cents, 30 oz Hellmann's lite mayo @ $1.88, 5 lb Pillsbury bread flour @ $1.49, 2 aeseptic boxes Campbells "cooking cream soups" @ $1.41 (I selected 2 garlic and herb ones figuring that these would be great for a quick chicken skillet dish over rice/pasta), 2 bars Toberlone (Xmas) @ $1.49, 4 cans each S & S corn, cream corn, green beans, Fr green beans @ 39/can; aeseptic box Dole gingered carrot soup @ $1.49, 2 bags Dutch Maid homestyle egg noodles @ $1.34, 6 29 oz can S & S tomato puree (to make my own, quick marinara) @ $1/can, 2 bottles 64 oz Langers juices (no HFCS) @ $2.39, 1 aeseptic box Parmalat whole milk (emergency shelf for kidlet who needs the calories, I normally can only find 1 or 2 % at the DT) $1.39, 5 boxes Swiss Miss cocoa (2 versions of it) @ $1/box,  1 box Tampax @ $2.99, 2 more Tampax @ $3.49, 2 large bottles Suave shampoo @ $1.18, 1 bottle Suave professionals with shea butter conditioner (love this stuff)50 cents, Softsoap shower gel (Xmas) $2.50, VO5 salon version shampoo $1.39, large bottle Tresemme conditoner (great stuff) $1.99, Jim Dean sage roll pork sausage (Thanksgiving stuffing) $3.50, boneless pork roast (3.5 lbs) @ $2.49/lb-for freezer, price matched 18.65 lb whole fzn turkey @ 39/lb-for freezer, bag of baby spinach leaves @ $2.50 Maries cole slaw dressing @ $1.50, bag of Halos mandarins @ $3.99, cup of Pom arils @ $2.49.

Toss  in store discounts, price match, doubled coupons up to $1, store coupons, I paid $119.03 CASH out the door. Naturally, the cashier had some difficulty with the price match, but 2 CDH's helped to figure it out. Ran back to grab kidlet (I was now running late) and first stopped at Aldi's for a jug of milk $3.49, then we came home for leftovers for lunch yesterday. I still need to tally my monthly ledger to see where I stand, as I've had several rounds of big shopping trips. The pantry shelves are filled (yay!) the freezer has room, and will have more once we eat the loaves of bread still in there.

I remain nervous about finding AFFORDABLE meat proteins. I've reduced what we consume in recipes, we are eating meatless at least once a week. I am keeping to under $4/lb for meat, $6 for fish. It remains more and more of a challenge. So, we will continue to draw upon and eat down whatever I can find that meets my budget, and we'll get creative as needed.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a Best Market nearby? We just had one open neat the kids school. Great chicken parts deals. We've been stacking the freezer with them. Legs and breats. The carnivores in the house are happy

Anonymous said...

We have had a best market open neat the kids school. Great chicken deals 1.77/# cone less skinless breasts. .77/# whole thighs (great soup maker).

Last week shoprite had pork chops 1.99/#.

Theresa F said...

Wow, you did great. My doctor recently told me that my b12 was low. He asked if I had been eating much red meat. HA!! Beef is barely affordable even on sale these days. I suppose being a doctor he doesn't have to worry about his grocery budget. :)

Nancy said...

Needing to reduce grocery spending at our house I will be adding a meatless night plus reducing the amount of proteins we use as well as using planned over proteins and meal ideas that can be stretched into something new. Aldi and the wholesale club remain the best locations price wise here.