Sunday, November 30, 2014

Doing it myself, to buy some time

Ideally, I would have been at the hair dressers yesterday, but Thanksgiving holiday travel took her out of state for the weekend. I knew that I'd have to go another week longer than usual. I have very fast growing hair, and my roots quickly appear, in stark contrast to my dark hair. I therefor turn to this root touch up kit, only using 1/2 of the cream and starter solutions as I only ever touch up my off center part and the temple area.  Due to my hair style, I can get away with this. I only ever buy this at the discount shop, and combine their lower prices with often available coupons. I currently have several boxes under my sink. I'll guestimate that one application costs me $2.50-worth it to buy my some extra time between salon visits. It really is a temporary fix for me, I am lucky if I can ever get 2 weeks time from this trick.

This morning found me taking care of my roots, so as to comfortably get through the week, until my next appointment, this upcoming Sat. I seriously considered forgoing this application, but with a holiday party this week, I decided no. I am worth it. : )

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