Sunday, November 9, 2014

December 2014 menus


Next weekend is my birthday celebration, and the work weeks leave me little time for blogging, due to increased work demands and the associated physical fatigue that goes with that. Once the supper dishes are cleared, I am spent.

Here are my menus for December, once again relying heavily on food stuffs already on hand:

1-creamed salmon (use canned red) over boiled potatoes, fzn peas
2-ground turkey (fzn)-dried pinto bean Crock Pot chilli, homemade corn bread
4-chicken Parmesan (use fzn, breaded cutlets, fzn shredded Ital blend cheeses), over pasta; salad
6-homemade clam chowder, saltines
7-herb crusted eye of the round (fzn), mashed potatoes, canned gr beans
8-salmon cakes (use canned pink), steamed carrots, buttered noodles
9-Planned over: "pepper steak" using fzn pepper strips, onions, celery over rice
11-pate chinois (a French Canadian version of Sheppard's pie), apple-raisin coleslaw
13-potage St Germain (Fr Canadian split pea soup)-use fzn meaty ham bone, saltines
14-baked chicken legs (fzn), scallopped potatoes (mix), steamed carrots with fzn peas
15-horse radish encrusted fish fillets (fzn), roasted potatoes, salad, corn
16-Crock Pot: stuffed peppers (use fzn pepper cups), salad
18-baked ziti with marinara and cheese, salad, fzn broccoli
19-homemade pizza, salad
20-homemade minestrone, crackers
21-pork chop-stuffing bake (fzn chops), apple sauce, canned beets, fzn brussel sprouts
22-baked fish (use fzn fillets), rice, fzn mixed veg
23-homemade Tuscan bean soup (vegetarian), bread and butter
24-tourtiere (French Canadian meat pie), shrimp cocktail, pickle tray, salad, vegetable TBD
25-baked ham with pineapple, mashed potatoes, vegetable TBD
27-homemade minestrone soup, crackers
28-Crock Pot meatloaf (use fzn beef, fzn turkey), mashed potatoes, canned corn
29-homemade macaroni and cheese with ham cubes, fzn broccoli
31-tourtiere,shrimp cocktail, salad, vegetable TBD, pickle tray

I was able to create a varied menu, there are Crockpot and planned planned over dinners, several soups. I'm back to not planning a meal on Wed or Fri (unless the youngest are home) as we've had too many turned up noses as regards leftovers, so food waste increased. We need to reign that in.


Anonymous said...

Am envious of how organised you are with your dinner plans. Yes food waste has been an issue this week in our houehold as with adult son away who always eats leftovers after work the next day as a snack was not here to finish them off. I should of cooked a lot less for just us two in the week.

Anonymous said...

I'm always impressed with your monthly menus. I have tried it, but never seem to stick to them. I do much better with items on hand and then choosing.

Sharon said...

Looks like a great menu! I have been making a lot of minestrone soup lately, and I freeze individual portions for lunch. LOVE it. Thanks for all the ideas, I'll be using some of them in my upcoming menus!