Sunday, November 16, 2014

Budgeting for car expenses, and taking advantage of holiday promotions

One item on yesterday's "to do" list was to return to my local car wash to take advantage of their birthday freebie: a free car wash. While that doesn't include the upgraded "works" service that I normally get, it was a $20 value for free, so I paid $10 for what they normally charge $30 for.

Since I was there, I intended to look for any holiday voucher promotions and was pleased to see that not only are they again offering these 4 pack vouchers, the cost was on discount @ $99/4 pack vs the usual $114. I bought 2, 4 pack vouchers or spent $198 for my car washes for the upcoming year. Minimally, I go once a month. Since I was off work due to medical recovery, I have a few leftover vouchers from this past year. Toss in that one month will include a birthday wash freebie (I will most likely again choose to pay the additonal amount for "the works"). The 10th wash is also a freebie. So, I figure that I only need to pay for 10 washes, not 12, with any upgrade service being an added on "extra" for me to cover.

8 "the works" washes is normally $240, I spent $198 or $24.75 for a normally $30 service, saving $42 in the process or $5.25/month/per wash I pay for. I now have 14 vouchers on hand + 2 ancipated freebies (birthday and 10th wash is free) so 16 months of car wash services. This is especially helpful come Summer, when I do not draw a salary for 2 months, and we rely upon monies set aside. With my OT issues, is has become essential that I pay for this service, and I have found an economical way to do so, supporting a local franchise in the process.

Next on the car care list: get what they call a "mini detail." This would include:

Want your car detailed inside and out but can’t be without your car, try one of our while-you-wait Express Detail Services. In less than 20 minutes your car’s exterior is protected with a coat of wax or the carpets can be cleaned or the interior will be Air tooled, cleaned and dressed. Each Service is 20 minutes and no appointment is nessasary.  Over sized or heavey soiled cars may take longer with additional charges. Express Polish:
  • Delivers Deep Durable Simoniz Shine
  • Protects Clearcoat Finishes
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • INCLUDES FREE Full Service Wash & Tire Shine
Super Interior:
  • Thorough Cleaning of Interior Areas Using Air Tools
  • Dash & Center Console Cleaned and Dressed
  • Carpets and Mats Vacuumed.
Carpet Express:
  • Cleans and Freshens Carpets & Mats
  • Removes Deep Embedded Dirt
  • Dries Fast - Looks Great!
I will have had my car one year, come Christmas time, so I am planning on doing this at that time. It's approx $55, but worth it, as a maintenance cost.

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