Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Friday, Super Saturday and Sunday?


Neither Black Friday nor Super Saturday (one of the monkers I've heard given to the day after BF) found me far, far away from the crowds pictured above. BF found me at home, tending to house hold tasks, enjoying the calm. SS did find me leaving the home, as DS had some lessons in the city. After dropping him off, since I had some time to kill and was close by, I hit some of the area shops:

Joann's Fabrics: $20.02 for some Christmas fabric, a few token Christmas gifts (recipient may read my blog so 'nough said), one XL sized spool of white and black thread, 2 replacement sewing machine belts as I seem to have gone thru at least that many last year. I took advantage of items being on sale plus had a 20% off entire order coupon. $20.02 out the door.

Home Depot: a new snow shovel (my current one was one left behind by another tenant at the former rental and was beat up when I took it), a bottle of glass stove top cream cleaner (I used up the sample pack provided by the manufacturer with the new range). I forget how much, it was under $15

Picked up kidlet, then we went over to Aldi's for a tub of organic baby spring greens, a jug of milk, 3 fzn OJ, 2 qts 1/2 and 1/2, celery. $14.02 out the door.

Dollar Tree:  2 8 ct pkgs of medium eggs, a calendar that DD will reimburse me for (it's a Christmas gift-she told me that she was looking for a lighthouse themed one, I told her to try DT. She said that she didn't see any. I immediately found one.), cinnamon (Aldi's was out), 2 token Christmas gifts.  $3 food, $3.13 for Xmas.

Then we returned home for lunch:

Turkey breast tacos: leftover turkey simmered with a can of rinsed, drained pintos along with some water and some homemade, salt free taco seasoning. We first spread "bean paste" aka refried beans into a flour tortilla then the meat-bean mixture, then toppings of choice. I keep a small tub in the freezer of shredded, "taco cheese" in this case a mixture of Monteray Jack, Pepper Jack, Cheddar-all Deli ends. Home made salsa, chopped organic tomatoes, and the aforementioned organic spring greens. Perfect, on hand, and fairly healthy, too.

After lunch, I grabbed the twins and we headed back out (one kidlet had to shower after his lessons which is why we didn't just all leave together) to the next town over

Finally got the twins their annual flu shots. Since we can use this walk in clinic, we no longer have to wait in long lines for the Visiting Nurse flu shot clinics which typically have them from 10-2 on a work day. Really hard for people who work outside of the home, especially if away from town. This new option is a winner for me, as I also no longer have to pay the nurse fee for the injections. Previously my insurance would only cover the actual shot fee, not the provider fee. I checked with our insurance carrier before I got my shot a while back, and all charges are covered in full. Perfect. This is preventive care at it's best. Far cheaper to pay $30 per client for a shot vs the charges incurred should one actually get the flu and suffer any complications. Now I really have to get on my older 2 children's backs about getting their vacinations. There is no fee, it's extreemely convenient to get the vacine-so plan on addressing it this week!
Another recent freebie was this pouch of moist cat food that came with the bag of cat food that the GF bought for her cat. Since she can't use it, she offered it to me, and one of the cats gobbled it right up.

Since we were around the corner, I popped in at a local hardware shop for the following: a pkg of 2 compression springs (the one in one of my long tension curtain rods somehow disappeared in the move, making the curtain rod useless) $3.49 plus tax and some weatherproof tape $3.29 plus tax. The whole house attic ceiling fan has a metal louvered "door" that lets significant cold air drop down from the attic, into the second story of the home. While I keep that floor cooler anyway (zoned heat), this is wasteful. The LL suggested a window cling kit that is snugged up in place using a hair dryer-that is what she has done for years. I was aiming to do this for less and possibly use some of the 6 ml poly rolled plastic I already have. A clerk helped me at this shop, I explained what I needed to do, he grabbed a roll of double stick tape @ $8.49. That defeated the goal of spending less than what an actual window kit would cost me. So, I went with the regular, single sided tape hoping that the residual glue that is already up on the attic ceiling frame will initially tack the plastic I will cut to size, into place, then we can tape it shut all around. It's up on the ceiling, it's in a hallway of the bedroom area, so I am not overly concerned with aestetics. $7.01 out the door.

I have several small projects lined up for today (Sunday), including installing cut down, white insulation panels (originally on DD's bedroom porch at the former rental) up in the bow window of the kitchen eating area where I often am working. During the day, bright, Southern exposure sunlight streams in (to a point that computer use is hampered) but at night, it's cold in this area. We've already found that putting up my green drapes in the dining room has made that room much more comfortable. DD has also asked for some panels to be installed at her bedroom windows to block sunlight, which disturbs her sleep (working retail). I will also install a set of panels in the twins' double window (they only have a window topper valence in there), and am considering adding some to my windows (currently covered by lace panels that are topped with valences) I had washed and dried these panels prior to our move, and some didn't make the cleaning process-they were too old, I guess, and the backing got all gummed up and stuck together, so some were tossed. I'll use what I have, make up something else if I need to.

 Breakfast this morning found me using up the rest of some pancake mix I had on hand. Some organic blueberry and some mini chocolate chip varieties with real maple syrup (gifted to us). OJ, coffee, cocoa were served as well.

 Lunch will be a Y.O.Y.O. affair. My soup was a hit last night, only 2 individual serving sized containers remain. I mixed up some tuna salad, toasted a few of the remaining slices of seeded Jewish Rye bread, and prepared myself a sandwich. Homemade bread and butter pickles on the side and a nice, hot cup of tea (not pictured). Perfect.
 Supper will be my pork chop bake, taking advantage of sale priced chops I bought a while back, some sale price dplus cpn stuffing, canned beets, baked butternut (since the oven will be on). I suspect that I'll also bake off a box mix of brownies.
Again with the large range oven going, baking off these 2 organic sugar pie pumpkins will take place, so that I can make some puree for future baking.


Sandie Apuzzo said...

Great Minds! I did the pumpkin bake off this weekend too. Hope you are enjoying the rest of your time off.

DW said...

Last couple of years we've done the walk-in clinic at Walgreens for flu vaccinations. Very easy!
My former employer used to offer on-site vaccinations, but the times didn't mesh with my work hours. (And actually I think the folks at Walgreens are better at giving shots. My arm used to hurt for a week after I got the shot at work.)