Sunday, October 26, 2014

This weeken's CSA and grocery shopping

 This past Friday's organic CSA pickup: head of lettuce, Swiss chard, arrugula,
 3 green peppers, 2 round egg plant, a small jar of rhubarb-raspberry preserves, a small container of mange tout peas, scallions, tomatoes. Another great week.
Since the CSA was pre-paid in April, I have no additional cash outlay. I did stop at another farm (also organic) in search of a beloved and hard to find squash: Red Kuri. I bought 2 @ 60 cents/lb, a huge bunch of chard that the farmer literally went to the field and picked for me (I wanted huge leaves for stuffing), a doz free range eggs. $14.20 this week for groceries. I will run out of milk, hope to grab some tomorrow.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

The "wait and I'll go pick some" thing has happened to me, too. One of my customary farm stands didn't have beets one day, so it was "how many do you want>" and "I'll be right back." I love fresh beets. This year I tried growing some but had lousy germination. We got a few meals from the garden and I bought 4 quarts of beets to freeze--$6. Other years I have managed to grow enough for two years needs in my little garden. I think some of the seeds may have rotted due to spring rains in excess of needs. I used fresh Burpee seeds--a package and a half of them.