Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Talking soup!

 Beef is a not so frequent menu item lately, but luckily, I had a pkg of meaty beef shank bones (bought on marked down) in the freezer, so I planned to make beef-barly soup. A bit warmer temperature and humidity wise than I like, but I still kept with the plan. Soup is a great budget stretcher, using just a bit of meat.
A large, tossed salad of organic leaf lettuce, organic tomatoes, bought on sale plus cpn Goya chic peas (1/2 can) and a 1/2 a can of Aldi's black olives. I even mixed up some honey dijon dressing using mayo, honey mustard, the dregs of a bottle of spicy brown mustard that I "rinsed out" using some cider vinegar, honey. Not bad. Leftovers for later this week.


Belinda said...

Looks delicious, and your salads are always so pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

I love beef and barley soup!

mikemax said...

Not bad??? That salad looks fantastic, and I bet it tasted that way, too!