Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Taking care of business


For a few weeks now, my low tire pressure light would come on when the temps were cool (say under 45) but would shut off once the temp was higher. Luck would have it that I shortly after this first happened, received an extended warrenty notice from Toyota concerning a faulty computer module that may have been the cause. Yesterday, the light came on, and STAYED ON. Ugh. I was free after work, so I headed right over to Toyota to have them look at my tires (I had to have one patched back in Aug when I picked up a nail), as well as to do a free Winterization check off, and to inquire about snow tires, after gaining the consesus from fellow Prius drivers, that yes, they really are needed where I live. (remember I got stuck twice last Winter).

So, the following was done:

-checked existing tires (fine, they just may be slightly below the suggested pressure mark, therefor causing the low pressure sensor to trip, as air contracts/expands due to temperatures. They deemed the tires to be in excellent shape)
-free oil change (since the shop was not busy, and I'd be due for one soon anyway)-free to me as I bought my car there
-free Winterization inspection (all is well)
-took advantage of a buy 3, get one for $1 tire promo, and am now driving on 4 new snow tires (I noted a difference immediately). Balanced and car aligned. Snow is actually in the forecast for late Sat night. It always snows just before my birthday, which is in a few weeks.

Glad to get these items off of my list, the car continues to be maintained. I rely heavily upon it, so this is essential. I've been saving extra for the snow tires and set aside $ every month for the usual maintenance costs.$537.43 but worth every penny to me, and my peace of mind.

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