Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday supper: Salisbury steak with onion-mushroom gravy

 A stretchy supper, used a few things up in the process. First: whirled some dried bread heels in the food processor, and added some additional bread crumbs from a storage Mason jar
 Got a small container of beef stock out of the freezer, and used 2 lbs beef to make 8 servings.

 After forming and browning the patties, I removed them from the electric skillet and added some margarine, so as to saute a pkg of mushrooms

 Here's the French onion soup that was used to make an onion gravy; I only used one can
 Once the mushrooms were done, I mixed up 2 cups hot water with 2 tsp Knorr beef bouillon powder,

added the can of French onion soup, and the small container of beef stock. this was my gravy base.
 I added approx. 3 cups of this broth the the skillet, in which I had  returned the cooked patties, placing the mushooms on top.
 I whisked in some cornstarch and gravy master into the remaining 1 cup of beef broth
 I brought the patties and beef broth up to a simmer
 then gently added the corn starch slurry infused broth, to thicken the resulting gravy.
 Mashed potatoes on the side
 along with steamed carrots and mange tout organic peas

My supper plate.


mikemax said...

Looks good--but what's the diff between "mange tout" and regular ole peas? I made chicken enchiladas tonight with shredded turkey and enchilada sauce from the freezer (made double last time). Salad of Romaine and homegrown Roma tomatoes from a friend's garden.

Belinda said...

Looks great!!