Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday supper: roast chicken

 Today was one of the few days that I actually used  the electric oven in the kitchen range. I had a 8 + lb roaster chicken (recent loss leader at Shoprite I think) that I seasoned with salt free, herbal spices and the rest of the limp parsley. It is a use it up theme before it goes bad. The chicken neck roasted right alongside, in my vintage, speckled enamel ware, covered roaster.
 If the oven is on (adding desired heat to the house in the process), I capitalize on the energy being used. Tonight, I made my orange glazed, acorn squash rings. The squash was so large, that I cut most of the rings into semi circles instead. We hadn't had this recipe in a while; it made for a nice change of pace.
 Brown rice
 A tossed salad of organic Romaine, sliced organic French radishes, chopped organic tomatoes, the rest of the dill pickles and some spicey bread and butter pickles.
 2 almost empty bottles of Ranch dressing were blended with an almost empty jar of honey mustard dressing. We now have a Honey mustard Ranch dressing. I chose this over my salad, it is pretty tasty.
Here is my current salad dressing offerings: the aforementioned as well as an Asian ginger vinaigrette, a raspberry vinaigrette, my homemade  Italian style vinaigrette. We're using what we have for the next few weeks.

Dinner's aftermath: carcass is stripped of any meat and bagged up for later this week, the bones, skin, neck, parsley, pan drippings are all simmering away in one of my Crock Pots, with some additional water.


Anonymous said...

I have an enamel roaster just like that and it is my favorite roasting pan.

Share your recipe for the acorn squash please? I have one on the counter I need to cook.

CTMOM said...

Shara: here is a link to the acorn squash recipe we had tonight:

Anonymous said...