Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday supper: fish fry!

A bit of a different spin this week for Sunday supper. Typically, it's a big meat inspired meal, to provide soup stock and meat for the upcoming week. Instead, I will be making beer battered Swai fillets, served with lemon and tartar sauce (also home made).  Here's my recipe: will be oven roasted, Russet potatoe oven fries served with ketchup, oven roasted Butternut squash cubes (found a squash down cellar that was starting to go/had a bad spot, so we're using it up), canned French style green beans.

Additional cooking today:

2 loaves of Cranberry bread, using berries from my freezer stash

2 loaves of white sandwich bread

We were able to take advantage of some on sale plus coupon on top, loaves of Arnold bread that I froze a few weeks ago, but now it's back to basics, and making our own.


Anonymous said...

I baked two loaves of banana bread with cranberries to use up some bananas. I've been itching to make pumpkin bread.

My family prefers homemade bread and since I have wheat on hand, we've been making all our own.

We haven't had a fish fry in a while, but I do have some shrimp in the freezer I want to use up.

Now that cooler weather is here I'll probably be doing my baking in the evenings to help warm up the house.

Hope you have a great week!

Lena said...

Your bread looks delish!

Belinda said...

Looks great!!

Rhonda said...

Yum! Your food looks and sounds delicious!