Saturday, October 4, 2014

So what's been cooking?

Fish on Monday:

 Home made crabmeat-peppers-leek quiche
 Home made Swiss chard-onion-mushroom quiche
Steamed cauliflower

Tuesday, I was running VERY late from medical appointments and had to stop at the store anyway, so I grabbed some fresh ground beef, some nice rolls. We had burgers, fzn onion rings and tater tots. It worked.

Wed:  A batch of my homemade, Italian style meatballs joined a jar of freebie sauce and simmered all day long.

pasta was cooked al dente, lightly tossed with some sauce
 A marked down loaf of store bakery, garlic bread that I froze, was heated up

Planned over cauliflower as our side vegetable
 Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, steamed cauliflower.
 Thursday: ground beef-black bean tacos with choice of fillings, rice and black bean side dish mix, canned corn
 I pulled leftover salad greens into service that night.

As of Wednesday, I started feeling yucky, apparently, I caught the crud that everyone else seems to be battling. In an effort to keep it a simple cold, and noting more serious, I've been napping when my schedule allows it in the afternoon, turning in to bed early at night.
I am also pushing a lot of herbal teas, especially those infused with high amounts of vitamin C and/or ginger.

I let this steep while we eat supper, bringing a cup upstairs with me later. I still love my vintage material, tea cozy!

On Friday, I treated 4 of us to take out pizza from our favorite, Greek pizzeria. Leftovers for supper tonight (Sat).

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

I was afraid you or one of the kids were ill when you didn't post for several days in a row. I had a spell of exhaustion mid-week myself. Between planting bulbs for spring, canning and freezing stuff for winter, and trying to do all the usual things besides, I was feeling overwhelmingly tired. A couple good night's sleep has me back to normal again. The shame of summer is that everything has to be preserved when it's ready, and it's almost always ready all at once. Still have green peppers growing, a few tomatoes, and lots of parsley that I want to get dried before it's too late. Now that husband and I are over 70, we are finding we can only do so much in a day, and neither of us is ready to quit at about 3 PM, which is when the energy goes away. We were used to going until dark when we were younger. It sneaks up on you, despite your denials to yourself!!
I am glad you seem to be back to your normal self, as well! And how is your son doing after his seizure? No lasting effects, I hope, although I do imagine some kind of workup was involved.