Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saving on cleaning costs

 A cloudy start to the day today, but FINALLY, the sun came out for a visit today! Perfect as it is usually Sunday when I do whites and I prefer to let them get deodorized and bleached by the sun, vs using a dryer, saving my pennies in the process.
 Yesterday's marathon laundry overage finished drying on clothes racks brought out in the full sunshine on the back deck,

I am not at all loyal to brands, selecting whatever works, at a great price. I recently tried LA's amazing laundry detergent, and find it works just fine. $1 at Dollar Tree. I had 3 empty bottles down cellar (no sink down there-weird) and wanted to rinse these out for a load of laundry and then some hand washing.
 Still plenty of soap left in those bottles, and just enough to hand wash a wool sweater. Perfect.
My goal is to aim for $2/25 oz bottle of dish soap. I picked up this bottle of Reeva from Aldis to try as it has shea butter, and come Winter, my hands get bad. Next to it, is a bottle of LA's amazing brand dish soap, a Dollar tree find. Huge bottle for only a $1. Awesome price and works really well.


Linda said...

I wish I did not have to be brand loyal! I have allergies and don't want to risk scents. Plus, my hands often break out when using a new dishwashing detergent....sigh. I envy all your drying racks. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I haven't used that Reeva, but I've used one of the other Reeva "varieties" and I like it.

There are a few detergents I can't use because of allergies, but I have a few that I pick and choose from depending on price.

Belinda said...

I've used and liked non brands like the dishwashing soap too. They work for us. I am brand loyal on toothpaste though. lol