Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday night=soup night!

2 blobs of homemade, chicken stock dumped into an awaiting Crockpot. Their "Jello" like consistency is desired
 4 carrots, 2 sprigs celery and the rest of some purple scallions were cut up and added, along with 2 qts water

a 15 oz can of seasoned, diced tomatoes that I recently got on sale plus doubled coupon

some wilted parsley
 2 cups rinsed, drained lentils
 a few packets of ham seasoning
After cooking all day, this is what I came back to! Yum! it's supposed to dip down to 39 degrees tonight, it's been a raw, chilling to the bones, rainy day. A very welcomed supper, to be sure!


Belinda said...

Looks delicious, Carol and very welcoming on a cold night.

I've been thinking of using lentils to substitute for ground beef in my Grandmother's Sloppy Joe recipe. I've used them in taco meat with good results.

thyme2save said...

Your soup looks ready to ladle and enjoy. We eat soup year 'round, and very hot days are part of life for 5 months or more. Soups and chili and stew are not saved for cooler times. They are on the table whenever we choose.

Attached garage's electrical outlets help with slow cooker and electric roaster's heat. No added heat in the house except for cold days.

Ms. Sandie Apuzzo said...

I have seen the Goya Ham Sazon and wondered if it was not too salty. Please let me know what else you use this seasoning mix for.

CTMOM said...

I cook with very litle salt, so when I use the Goya ham seasoning, it's in lieu of any additional salt. Last night was a meat free supper (shh! DS # 1 didn't notice)so adding the ham flavor was ideal for my recipe. I also use it if I don't have a meaty ham bone for making split pea or mixed bean soup. I have also used it when making a pot of white beans aka "soup beans" in the South. We eat it like a chilli, with corn bread on the side.


HappyGrama said...

This reminds me of Frugal Queen's lentil soup that she posted a few weeks ago I made it, and it was wonderful! Perfect for chilly autumn evening meals!

HappyGrama said...

PS: I do the same with the Goya ham seasoning. It really helps a bean or lentil soup that has very little meat in it, and then no more salt is needed.