Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Phew! Now THAT's a relief!!

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I've been anxiously awaiting my next electric bill, and as was able to finally see it on line tonight. Last month (effective Aug 1), we moved into this new rental. While I felt that there wasn't anything glaringly different in this house, electric use wise, I was beyond frustrated and perplexed at that bill. Typically, my then family of 4 would use under 700 kilowatts of electricity a month. Last month-1669! Ack! the associated bill almost made me faint.

What we did:

-no use of window A/c
-no use of whole house fan
-extra vigilent about lights, even though it is now darker in the morning and at night, day light is definately shorter
-continued prudent use of electicity for cooking (alternative, smaller appliances when able to; bulk cooking/baking in oven when in use, microwave heating up)
-significantly reduced electric dryer use, also moving the heat setting from high heat to normal setting. I only use the dryer for towels. Everything else is hung up
-continue to wash laundry in cold water, except for towels (warm) -multiple loads/week, one load whites (also in warm)
-moved to energy setting on dish washer, and continue to use air dry feature

SOOOO happy that we are back to "normal" even with having added 2 people to the house.


Sandie Apuzzo said...

So glad that you were able to get it back down within reason.

Belinda said...

Glad you were able to see a reduction. :)

thyme2save said...

Any chancce that you daily read your electric meter? For years, I read mine at 4 p. m. Easy to ask what family members have done and are doing when there is an increase in daily meter reading. I was checking my own usage and found ways to save.

Tracy Hathcock said...

Glad you were able to bring the electricity bill down!

HappyGrama said...

I have been wanting to ask you if your former landlord was fair with returning your deposit, and regarding the stove pipe thing. Maybe I missed it!

CTMOM said...


My initial "demand letter" that adised that we were not renewing the lease (also sent via e-mail as a courtesy to allow 30 days notice) went unreplied to, with the exception of the former LL's realtor contacting me the day after I sent the email, inquiring about how to proceed with house viewings. Fast forward, I allowed some extra time for mailing, still nothing. Having researched on line about this issue in CT, I followed up with a second "demand letter" that was sent certified mail, return receipt, with signature required. It was received 10-2-14 @ 3:15 p.m. and signed by someone other than the LL. I recognize the name as the same person who signed a different certified letter I had to send to her. Today is the 11th. One would think that SOME communication would have occured by now. So, Mon, I will contact the realtor to see if she knows anything (perhaps LL is out of the country, ill?-I can only guess). If there still is no response come Wed, I will contact my attorney.

HappyGrama said...

Thanks for your response. Please let us all know how it turns out! I love your blog and share many of your ideas.

I really hope you get some results from your landlord. I can tell you were a good tenant!


CTMOM said...

Thanks for the kind words. Naturally, I feel that I was (and remain) a good tenant. Unfortunate issue at the end regarding the wood stove installation-again, no follow up on that, not even in response to my suggestion to quickly resolve the issue. THe former LL really didn't nor doesn't want to put any $ into the property (2 residences on it) and has let it go. Extensive renovations next door before the current tenant moved into the small cottage. Of course, she upped the rent, just shy of doubling what she was getting. Still nothing luxurious by any means. We are so much happier here, and much more comfortable, physically, being in an energy efficient home. Temps dropped to the 30's last night. Furnace remains OFF. While I was wearing a 3/4 sleeved top and jeans, I simply layered a light insulated vest over that, and chose warm socks and my wicked good LL Bean slippers. Quite comfortable. A hot cup of tea/coffee, some hot soup, snuggling under a quilt on the couch while watching Tv, an extra blanket on the bed at night. This is working for now.