Saturday, October 4, 2014

Our menus are changing


I was raised to, and continue to eat seasonally, for a variety of reasons. I support local farmers, preferably organic; food is fresher and therefor healthier for my family.
With the advent of Fall, comes the close of the gardens, including my CSA farm. We did, however, join their Fall share program, so starting this upcoming Friday, I will again gather some fresh produce for our menus. Meanwhile, I top up at another local, organic farm stand (making my own change in a Mason jar-gotta love small towns!), if not a local store, selecting produce that is labeled to show where it is coming from (preferably CT or another New England state). Pictured above is today's fresh fruit top up: bananas (tropical), but also FL navel oranges (I turned down the Chilean ones and selected these which were actually priced better), and mandarins. I still have a good size amount of CT and NY state apples in a bowl in the Den to entice snackers. : )

For vegetables: Russet, white, blue, red potatoes; yellow and red onions, Butternut and Acorn squash, celery, green and red cabbages, mixed organic baby salad greens, Romaine, Iceberg, Canandian carrots, arugula, tomatoes, herbs, scallions, French radishes.

We're in very good shape, just into the new month. Recent shopping trips have greatly replenished our pantry, refrigerator, and deep freezer.

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Belinda said...

Nice selection of fruits and vegetables, Carol. I'm looking forward to fall and the winter vegetables like acorn and butternut squash.

We are enjoying Honey Crisp apples right now. I bought a big bag from our local apple orchard for $12 in September and we are still eating them.