Saturday, October 4, 2014

October stock up shopping

I had a hair appointment near where I tend to do the bulk of my shopping. Knowing that I would be closeby, I grabbed my coupons, the list of specials, and my grocery list of needs/requests. First stop:

Stop and Shop:  13 Yoplait and 2 Maia Greek individual yogurts (all on sale, had coupons on top of that), 2 tubes Grands low fat biscuits (had a coupon, beef eons since we had these!), 1 doz LOL brown eggs (coupon), 1 marked down (yes-marked down! as there were only 10, not 12) store brand large eggs @ $1.24,-first time I ever saw that!, 2 3 ct pkgs store brand tissues, 1 pouch Cascade dishwasher tabs ($5 rebate on those so almost free), marked down box of Italian imported shell pasta, 1 5 lb bag whole wheat flour, 2 5 lb bags unbleached AP flour, 4 4 lb bags sugar, 4 28 oz cans store brand baked beans  (for pantry), 2 boxes Twinings herbal teas (sale), 4 cans Hunts diced tomatoes with garlic/onion (on sale plus cpn), 4 cans red salmon (can't remember the last time I bought this! I splurged on a $4.49/can sale for Rubensteins), 2 2 l ginger ale, 1 box granola bars (coupon), 1 pkg Oreos cookies (coupon), 1 tin Maxwell house Swiss Mocha coffee (Coupon), gallon Wesson oil ($4.99 after coupon deal), 4 cans evaporated milk-store brand, 3 4 ct pkgs Perdue all white breast meat and whole grain breading cutlets ($2/pkg after sale and coupons)

I cheat and use these for chicken Parmesan-that will be on the menu in both Nov and Dec now,

 2 marked down packages of hot Italian sausage (while I prefer the sweet version, this is affordable, so that is what I will use), pkg of mandarins (coupon). I paid $94.62 CASH, saved $15.21 with manufacturer coupons. I didn't tally the store coupons as they automatically adjust the cost.

Next stop: Aldi's: 2 gallons milk, gallon cider, 3 pkgs bagels, 2 fzn OJ, butter, 2 pkgs fzn pizza rolls, 1 boz fzn mozzarella sticks, 2 qts 1/2 & 1/2,  large bag of fzn Swai and fzn Tilapia, 4 tubes fzn ground turkey, 4 cubes tissues with lotion, 2 boxes regular tissues, iceberg lettuce, 3 lb bag FL Valencia oranges, 2 bags popcorn kernals,

 Cheddar cheese popcorn seasoning (looking to further reduce what little "snack foods" I buy, 2 boxes cocoa mix packets, 2 "cadbury" raisin and nut chocolate bars, bananas, pumpkin flavored coffee for DD, 2 boxes "honey nut cheerios,"1 box "frosted mini wheats," 2 boxes "honey nut crunch" cereal, 1 pkg "krakus" ham,

3 bags Kitkat bars for Halloween, large can coffee, 2 bags potato chips, 1 bag "Doritos", 2 bags malt vinegar and salt chips, 2 blocks neufchatel cheese, block Havarti with dill, log of herbed Chevre, 2 boxes protein granola bars, dish detergent with shea butter to try. I spent $126.69 CASH.

Final stop: Dollar Tree: 2 8 ct cartons of medium eggs, flour tortillas, a fzn enchillada with rice and beans to try, 8 ct AA batteries, 2 bath soap dishes, 2 boxes Post great grains cereal. $9.19 CASH.

I need to tally my receipts.


Sandie Apuzzo said...

yay on the meat scores!

CTMOM said...

Sandie, it's getting more and more distressful when I shop. Affording meat proteins is more and more of a challenge. Glad to have been able to stock up on alternatives to chicken-our main meat find these past few months.

Belinda said...

Our Publix has that Purdue chicken, but I've never tried it, but I often find coupons for it and have several right now. I need to check it out the next time I am there.

Sandie Apuzzo said...

Carol, I'm with you on the protein issues. I just bought 10 packages of assorted Italian sausages at Shop-rite on clearance as they were all dated October 1. Did you happen to get in on the deal at Shop-rite for the $1.49 pork loin? I'm hoping that occurs again, it was a nice change for our dinner table. We are almost done with local grass fed beef, and DH has requested we not go with this farm again, he was not happy with the butchering, and felt we didn't get value for our dollar this time. I will be getting 40 lbs of zaycon chicken in November (I paid 1.49 a pound) and am contemplating purchasing another case...but the price of the second case will be $2.49 a pound.