Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keeping it simple, and a freebie

 Tuesday's supper was supposed to be Kielbasa dogs but we learned that DS #1 ate them as snacks. So a choice of Bratwurst or hotdogs was served, alongside fzn tater tots, a can of beets. Done, simple, accomplished the task.

Came home with this from work: a HUGE tub of barely used cream cheese, 2 mini tubs of flavored cream cheeses
7 1/2 bagels from Bruegger's bagel shop.Nice. As of this afternoon, all the bagels were gone.

Tonight's dinner is YOYO-twins are with Dad, older kids are working. Leftovers were just fine. I am running a load of wash through before hanging it to dry, a loaf of bread is in the ABM. I'm tired, it's already been a long week.

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