Saturday, October 18, 2014

Is the heat on yet?


We've had some pretty up and down weather. Already had a frost warning a week or so ago, followed by unusually hot, humid, sultry weather. Add that the A/C system was bleed at work (prematurely) so work was far from pleasant (I work in a windowless room). On several occassions, I've heard the hum of the furnace in other homes on the street (granted most would also have oil fed boilers as well for domestic hot water but the length of time that the furnace is running tells me that it's for heat, not hot water). I have yet to even set the programmable thermostats. : ) 

I'm holding out as long as I can, conserving in the process. We're doing the following: 

-wearing layers, warm socks/house slippers 
-extra blankets on the beds, flannel sheets 
-warm night clothes 
-taking advantage of passive solar, especially from the attached sun room off of the Den. Let the heat build up, then open the French doors into the Den, to allow the heat into the house 
-cuddling on the couch with assorted blankets/quilts 
-serving pots of hot tea after dark 
-hot meals for supper (we eat around 7 p.m.when it's dark) 

Soon, the wood stove will be used in the afternoon as well. I need to get a wood delivery 

Forecast is for some chilly weather to enter CT this week, along with rain=cold, raw weather. We're enjoying this energy efficient rental, to be sure, compared to our former rental, which was often damp, cold-especially after night fall. 

If I can hold out until Nov 1, that would be awesome, and even then, there will be limited use of the furnace, if at all. At what temperature (interior of home), do you finally cave and turn the heat on? It's been years since I lived in a 2 story home, last experience was an end unit but attached on one side, townhouse appartment from '86-'90, with electric heat but awesome, sunny exposure. Luckily it was zoned per floor, with the bedrooms upstairs. I never even turned on the upper floor, we kept the downstairs (had another tenant below us in an efficiency appartment at 55 while away/night, and 60 when home. 

We continue to adjust to this new rental. I anticipate keeping the second floor colder (bedrooms), but the main floor warmer, and timing just the Den (third zone) for when we would be viewing tv. I'll probably start at 55 upstairs 24/7 and 55 downstairs (both zones) at night and when away, then set the at home/evening setting to 64 and see how that goes.

How are you doing in your neck of the woods? 


SAM said...

I thought it was supposed to be a cold and not so great weekend, but so far here in Minnesota is sunny, and feels much warmer than the 49 the weather channel shows. I hate being too warm, but not sure if I could go as low as 55 and 60 all winter. 65, when home, lower at night.

56steps said...

No heat used yet here in Rhode Island. It's supposed to get down in the 30's tomorrow night but we will just throw some more blankets on the bed. Lol
I try to hold out until November to turn it on. I usually keep it on 62 and turn it down to 60 at night.

thyme2save said...

Ceiling fans are operating. Not ready for cold. In winter, we usually turn off all-house heater at 8 or 9 p. m., and heater does not come on much during the day, but it may be set above 70 degrees.

When it will be 15 degrees during night, pipes will freeze; so, we turn on heater, but that seldom happens.

Bedding covering is adequate, and we are not cold.

A well-insulated house makes a huge difference when heating. Can't use open-flame heat because it annoys allergies.

Winter, our energy bills are lower than warmer months.

Mary Lou said...

No heat on yet in this Massachusetts home.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Our heat has been on quite minimally--a few cold nights but no killing frost yet. We are finding that now that we've past the magic 70the birthday, we do feel the cold a bit more than we used to. We turn to clothing and warm socks and slippers first, but we generally leave the thermostat at 68 and it keeps us comfortable to work around the house without sweaters, but they do need to be worn once we sit down for reading or TV viewing. We have warm throws for those times too. The bedrooms stay quite perfect in winter--a bit chilly to start but plenty of blankets and a comforter keep us warm as toast. I do wear socks to bed and have an electric heating pad to warm the bed and my feet to start out--it turns itself off if I don't before I fall asleep. Oil for heat and hot water is currently $255 a month, 11 months a year. In May we reconcile. This year we did not pay any extra in May. They give a 10% discount for timely payments through the year. We insulated the house when we moved in 36 years ago--money well spent. We still cover a few leaky windows with plastic on the inside where there are drafts.

Belinda said...

No heat here yet. Mornings are chilly, but we are doing OK without it. usually after dd's birthday (which was this past Friday) is when it gets really colder here. Holding off for now though on turning on any heat.