Saturday, October 4, 2014

Freebies, or pretty darn close to it!

 An unbelievable turn of events: I have been lamenting the sharp rise in food prices, especially meat, in particular, beef. Many factors have contributed to this, and we are certainly feeling it at the grocery counter. My store had a coupn deal on strip steaks. Normally $11.99/lb, they were on sale for $7.99/lb but then they also offered a paper coupon good for one package to weigh in at $5.99/lb. Although I normally keep my meat at $4/lb or less, I felt that this was an opportunity to grab some beef for the freezer.
 Here's what the label reads. Long story short, this rang up wrong, the cashier had a devil of a time with all of the store coupons (manufacturer coupons were ringing up fine) and due to an error, I ended up getting this free. That was a shocker.
Here's my almost freebie: a $5.49 package of Cascade action packs. There was a rebate form in the newspaper coupon flyer recently, and I will receive a $5 loaded credit card as a rebate. I looked to make sure that I got the most bang for my buck, selecting the 20 count variety over the 16 count one (different scents/options). I do like these tabs, find them easy to use, they are a quality product. The Dollar tree Sun brand powder also is cleaning my dishes just fine, thank you. A nice mini splurge, knowing that I will be almost fully reimbursed. Even though I have plenty of cleaning items on hand, I always make a point of stocking up when I see a deal, such as this one.


Belinda said...

What a bargain, Carol! I am shocked at the original price on those steaks. What a deal you got!

DW said...

Great deal on the steaks! Thanks for the reminder about the Cascade ... the rebate coupon was in last week's flyer here. (Course now the dishwasher's not working ... grr.)