Monday, October 27, 2014

Fish on Monday: tuna casserole

A simple, basic casserole, that called upon a lot of pantry items: one can of cr celery soup (brought to home via DS # 1), milk, black pepper, freshly dried organic dill weed, dried minced onion to form the sauce to bind this together. One package of egg noodles (bought cheaply as a Jewish holiday promotion a while back), 4 smaller carrots that I cooked briefly along with the noodles, 1/2 bag of fzn peas that joined that party for a few minutes as well. Once drained, the noodles, carrots, peas were placed in the "Pam" sprayed casserole dish along with a drained can of mushrooms, one small organic Kholrabi that I grated on the box grater (kind of a mild turnip vegetable), 4 Swiss chard stalks that I chopped up (I use these like celery),  3 drained cans of tuna. I blended this together, topped the casserole with about 1/2 of a canister of French fried onions, the rest of a blob of NY state sharp Cheddar and baked this off for 30 minutes. Leftover salad served on the side. This worked, we're keeping the food budget in check, eating down the pantry shelves down cellar-all goals we wish to accomplish.

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