Monday, October 13, 2014

Fish on Monday: salmon cakes

 This week's fish on Monday supper: homemade salmon cakes (used 2 eggs, 1 grated carrot, Old Bay seasoning, dried onion, dried organic dill, homemade bread crumbs from heels that no one likes as a sandwich/toast, 1 can pink salmon @ $1.99). For approx 50 cents each, I made 5 patties, served with homemade tartar sauce
 Dollar Tree frozen herb seasoned, fingerling potatoes $2
 1 bag of CA blend fzn veggies (DT $1)
 Salad of organic black seeded simpson lettuce, 2 chopped tomatoes (one free from friend), the rest of a jar of spicy bread and butter pickles. Choice of assorted dressings.
 We even had Italian seasoned, croutons as part of a loaf of last week's bread started to go. I quickly cut it up into cubes, drizzled some Canola oil, seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, Italian spices and toasted these. I'll call this a freebie.
Minus my salad, here's my supper plate. I'm estimating that this meal cost just over $1/person. Not bad.


Sandie Apuzzo said...

Great price point! Have you posted your salmon cake recipe previously?

Anonymous said...

Yum...we haven't had salmon cakes in a while. May have to work them in the next week or two.

CTMOM said...

Here's a link to my usual recipe: