Monday, October 20, 2014

Fish on Monday, and LOTS of veggies!

Tonight's fish dinner: fzn Tilapia fillets turned into horseradish encrusted fillets, using homemade breadcrumbs

 The last of my multi colored, multi shaped pasta that I usually reserve for Summer pasta salads. Still plenty of pasta in the home, just nice to use stuff up, too. I buttered it and seasoned it with salt free, garlic and herb seasoning
 A nutritious alternative to a salad: I took the freebie Pok Choi (also known as Chinese cabbage, or Bok Choy) and chopped it up, before sauteeing it in some reserved bacon/pork fat. I added salt, pepper, a large bay leaf, some dried Italian seasoning, then a 29 oz can of stewed tomatoes. Delicious!
Finally: drained, canned corn topped with butter and seasoned with salt and pepper before warming it through in the microwave.

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