Thursday, September 18, 2014

Zero food waste and freebies

 As I made supper tonight, after removing the cooked ground beef and onions from the electric frying pan to the awaiting glass casserole pan, I noted that there was quite a bit of stuck on bits at the bottom of the frying pan. I added a bit of water, turned the pan up for a few minutes, and gently scrapped away.
 Here's my strainer set up: a small funnel is set into an awaiting jar (old bale wire canning jar in this case) and a small strainer/sieve is placed inside of that.
 I poured the contents out of the frying pan, thru the strainer system. See the bits here? that is the onions and some ground beef that was stuck to the bottom of the frying pan. It was added to the glass casserole, along with the rest of the meat. Meat, especially beef, is a real commodity in my kitchen at the moment and I don't want to waste a single gram of it!
 The frying pan is practically clean!
 Not much, but this awaiting beef stock will be refrigetated, the fat removed and reserved for frying, then the stock frozen for a future soup, gravy or stew.
This week's freebie: last week, 2 students asked if they couldn't keep a bag of food leftover from an inclass bfst in my room until the end of the day. No one came, as arranged, but I ran into one of them as I was leaving and advised her that no one came for the food. She assured me that she would text the other student. I reminded her that we had open house, and parents could come and collect it, if desired. OK, a week has gone buy-enough.  So, the kids here will enjoy Nutella on toast, the mini croissants will be turned into a bread pudding with raisins, the huge marshmallows:

I had to stop for a few perishables on the way home from the city last night, after my OT and PT sessions, so I also grabbed a box of store brand "rice krispys" so that I can mix up a batch or more of Rice Krispy bars. So the food won't go to waste, and we benefit from the freebies.

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Anonymous said...

My grandmamma used to cook hamburger "scrunched up" and then use those bits to make a gravy. Great save!