Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Watching my pennies

 Watching my pennies where ever I can: pictured is a Dollar Tree "humidity" bag. I used 2 of these down cellar instead of running the costly dehumidifier. At our last rental, our electric bill jumped $60 a month while using the dehumidifier. $2 is easier on the budget. I couldn't find these exact bags again, but I bought 2 charcoal filter dehumidifier collectors in plastic tubs. Again $2 vs $60.
 Here's my new, Amish style clothesline. Cost more than anticipated, BUT it will come with me when I leave (except for the 2 metal hooks). It's roughly 90 feet long, will hold 2 HE large capacity washer loads on it.
 Here's the other view of Monday afternoon's laundry hanging session. Another load was hung out in the dark, after supper. Came home today (Tues) and it was all nice and dry!
 Here's today's (Tues) afternoon laundry session, another 2 loads. Washed in cold, hung up to dry.
 Sunday supper was from the freezer: marked down, chicken drums that I roasted. Sides were a large tossed salad, baked acorn squash with butter, maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg-YUM! Brownies for dessert.
 Sunday's breakfast was also from the freezer: used a loaf of marked down and frozen Challah bread for a batch of French toast. I use the microwave as a holding oven while cooking. Works great! Scrambeld eggs on the side, OJ, coffee.
 Tonight's supper: beef stew, using my last pkg of fzn beef cubes. It may be some time before we have this again.
What's not so great: food waste. Older "kids" tell me that they want supper, please cook enough for them. Once home from work, they don't eat it-GRR and it becomes a science experiment in the fridge, taking up valuable realty space in the process. Only good thing about this is that we dump it over the stone wall and I am certain that the wild animals (deer, fox, racoons, squirrels etc) are feasting on it. Not in my trash bag so no order, and less weight to pay for. Still, this waste has to end.

Our last Summer CSA share from yesterday: parsley, pint cherry tomaotes, lb tomatoes, leeks, arugula, 2 green peppers, collards, lettuce, 2 lbs potatoes.  In 2 weeks, our Fall CSA will start.


DW said...

I have some of those container collectors in our basement ... they work pretty well. We still have to run the dehumidifier, but I figure it might lighten the load a bit.

kelley said...

love your clothesline...I rarely use mine except for airing out the quilts...you've inspired me to at least hang the towels...

CTMOM said...

DW, as indicated in the photo, these DO work! THe first time I ever used them, and I was sceptical last month, but pleasantly surprised that they did the trick. SOOOO nice to no longer be in the former rental that had a teeny, tiny utilty/laundry area down cellar but open underneath that as crawl space. Mice, millapeds, and moisture were issues. I wasn't about to continue to pay to dehumidify that space. We are blessed to have a very, very dry, completely closed off basement now in this rental. That said, on high humidity days, and using super cold, well water, the pipes overhead will sweat some. THese bags (just replaced with the aforementioned container style version)did the trick for me, at low cost. I did snip the bags and drain the water out before tossing them into the trash, as I didn't want to waste the water nor did I want to add weight to my trash bill, which I am trying to reduce.

CTMOM said...

An investment (supplies, labor) but I had the funds to do it (sold my used washer drier for a $200 profit)and rolled that money into this new design set up. I will now try to sell my 2 year old umbrella style clothes line, I found that the clothes were too close together, even when only using every other line, therefor significantly extending drying time.