Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vegetarian Thursday and another work luncheon

 Today was a very long, 12 hour day. Luckily, I planned a quick to get to the table dinner: vegetarian tacos, trying a box of McCormick arroz con frijoles negros (adding a rinsed and drained can of black beans)-that became the main taco filling over a base of what we call "bean paste" otherwise known as refried beans. These were served on flour tortillas which came from the Dollar Tree, along with the rice mix, refried beans. Corn on the side.
 Organic lettuce and tomato as topping options
along with homemade and canned taco sauce, organic salsa, some grated cheese.

We just had a work luncheon, to which I brought a sun dried tomato quiche, following Frugal Queen's recipe (no cream, only a bit of cheese), which was well received. Knowing that quiche is expensive to make, regardless, and being exhausted, DD and I came up with the following for TOMORROW's work luncheon:

3 bean salad (green, wax and kidney beans in a homemade vinaigrette with sliced red onion, chopped organic parsley), sliced organic tomatoes on a plate. Done.

I make a real effort to keep on top of the constantly growing laundry pile. This morning, before work, I placed the towels laundered overnight, into the dryer and ran a batch of colored clothes, leaving a note on the breakfast table for "someone to place take down the dried laundry off of the clothes horses and hang up the laundry in the machine." Luckily, DS's Gf did just that for us. Nice. Tonight, I have a batch of towels now drying, and I am off to bed.

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