Sunday, September 21, 2014

This weekend's shopping


This weekend's shopping was to address some voids but also to take advantage of several stock up opportunities and loss leaders.

-Aldi's: 2 pie crusts, 2 pkgs 3 ct gum, 2 blocks neufchatel cheese, 1 gallon milk. $11.06
-Dollar Tree: 4 bags fzn vegetables, 2 bags tater tots, 1 pkg Goya chicken bouillon, 4 jars pickles, 4 cartons med eggs, 2 boxes dish washer soap, 2 bottles laundry detergent. $23.36 including 2 bottles windshield washer fluid which I will tally in auto expenses
-Xpect: 1 bottle windshielf washer fluid, 2 pkgs socks (tallied under clothes), 2 cukes, reduced bag of apples, cauliflower 8 lbs sugar, 2 boxes herbal tea, wedge Parmesan, 2 tins sardines, 4 pkgs bacon, 2 cans sloppy joe sauce, coffee thermos (tallied under household), calendar, large tub organic salad greens. $42.71

-Aldi: 2 ea: Butternut, Acorn squash, bag bagels. $7.65. Also got credit return (see other post)
-Dollar Tree: Credit for eggs (see other post), 4 boxes oat packets, 1 Goya chicken bouillon, softsoap refill. $5.50, saved 50 cents with cpn.
-Shoprite: 12 pack TP, 6 cans albacore, 9 assorted cans Goya beans, 3 bottles detergent, 3 6 ct pkgs pork chops, 3 bags marked down peppers (see other post), cheese ends, 2 individual Gk yogurts, 2 doz eggs. $49.25, saved $8.95 in coupons
-Stop and Shop: 1 bottle detergent, 17 assorted cans Campbells soups, 3 42 oz jars spaghetti sauce, 4 boxes snack size baggies, bag caramels, Doritos, spice tea, 2 canister Kraft Parmesan cheese,5 lb Russets, OJ, large bottle color care shampoo, hair mousse, body wash, marked down rolls (3). I spent $51.22, saved $32.84 in coupons. Awesome!

I need to finish calculating these figures but feel we're in great shape heading into the new month. The cellar pantry shells are more than full, the freezer is great as well.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't It a good feeling to be stocked up on things you use a lot.