Saturday, September 27, 2014

Talking trash and watching my pennies some more


Up early this morning, I got a load of wash going, and then headed over to the transfer station for my second run of trash and recycling for the month. While I did see that our ratio of trash to recycling has improved since moving here and making more noise 2 weeks ago about reducing actual trash output (today, we had 3 kitchen bags of trash, 6 kitchen bags of recycling plus several cardboard boxes), I still am over what I have been budgeting. I had already over spent 2 weeks ago, and did so once again. So, I will double my trash fees in the budget yet continue to be vigilent about reducing what is tossed into the garbage bin vs getting recycled. Trash costs me $$.  While I naturally expected even this area of our budget to increase somewhat, doubling it, however, is not in my financial cards. We will trudge forward.

This is a (hopefully) non shopping weekend. My car is topped off with fuel from earlier in the week, I twice visited grocery stores, dropping at least $50 in the process. Time to tally the receipts and see where I stand as we move into October. Luckily, my menus are set, the shelves are full. We are on a 2 week hiatus until the Fall CSA starts up, but we still have plenty of fresh vegetables on hand, as well as canned/frozen. I did stop at a local, organic farm and pick up this:

2 gorgeous bunches of organic, literally grown down the road from here, Swiss chard @ $2/bunch. Actually cheaper than what the grocer is getting and is actually available (I find that S & S often is out when I try to buy some). So, this will grace our plates tonight, sauteed in butter and seasoned with some salt/pepper. I plan on making a pot pie for supper.

While at the transfer station, I purused the give away, aka "freebie" sheds and came home with this:

 A huge, metal, retractable (the tubes slide inside, making it narrower), clothes horse. I washed it down, and have removed the sweater drying, mesh piece, hoping it'll come clean in the next batch of white clothes to launder. I only do those once a week, so it'll be a while. I often see similar racks to the one I got, for $65 and up. Nice find. It is the biggest one I own now. It will certainly be put to good use. Nice, unusually warm (skirted 79 today) but DRY day here. My laundry dried in no time.
 I also grabbed these 2 bins. The one on the left has wheels, and the one on the right sits on top of it. I also cleaned these up, let them dry off on the deck, in the sun.
Here they are now, down cellar, storing my white potatoes (red and russets are in baskets of their own to the left, ontop of the orange flour bin), and my Winter squash. Another nice find.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the trash....since now you're a house of 6, it shouldn't have doubled, rather only increased by a third. Something is askew.

I'm sure you are giving son & GF a sweetheart deal on rent compared to the last rental they shared, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be conservative with resources.

CTMOM said...

That is exactly my point-something is off. One thing I discovered is that since they often buy drive through food, convenience foods etc, rather than washing out the plastic containers or sending them thru the dishwasher and then recycling them (we are blessed with an awesome recycling program), these type items were being trashed. Not only did the trash start to stink (rarely did before) but it was heavier, which translates into costlier. I had a stern converstation with everyone. Signs are up on both the kitchen trash canister and the bin for recycling, indicating what goes where. No excuse for laziness. And yes, they have the opportunity to save significantly over what they were previously spending."Rent" of $500 vs $900 and only additional housing cost is a total of $200 for groceries (covers food, health beauty aides, cleaning supplies, paper goods). No utility bills other than the cost to have a third cable tv box and clicker in their room, and I am currently deducting that cost from the amount I estimated was worth the food items that they brought with them. IMO, a hand up.

Belinda said...

Wow, those were two really nice finds! Those clothing racks are expensive! Good for you. :)

The swiss chard is beautiful, one of my favorite vegetables and so good.

Belinda said...

If they are buying drive through food, have them throw their garbage there too. They all have receptacles outside their businesses. All the gas stations here have garbage cans too. I definitely take advantage of them here.

CTMOM said...

Belinda, I measured the width of the actual racks-36 inches! Nice. I can easily dry sheets on this.

I also thought of asking the "kids" to dispose of their food refuse elsewhere. While this week's trash/recycling run was better than last time, there is still room for improvement. I return to the transfer station in 2 weeks. Let's see what happens.

Belinda said...

36 inches, wow, that is great! Again, such a nice find. :)

Keep us updated on the trash issue.

Lynda D said...

Must be a clean-up weekend. Yesterday we borrowed a ute and took a load out to our city refuse facility. Its so well organised. After handing in my free docket (2 free with the rates each year) we stopped by the computer and TV recycle container to drop off a few working CRT monitors, then over to the Styrofoam bin to drop off some packing. Next was the batteries area then the used oil areas and lastly over to the big drop off, where i guess it goes into land fill. There is also a an area for green waste, mattresses, recycle and repurpose, building materials, white goods, and so there shouldn't be much left at the end to dump.

I'm a recent recruit to your readership and im enjoying your blog.

Cheers from Melbourne, Australia.

Blissfulbutterfly said...

If the kids don't want to be more diligent about their trash consumption and recycling, maybe you could start charging them a small fee. That would probably turn things around quickly. :)