Sunday, September 7, 2014

Taking a page out of Frugal Queen's book

The weekend normally finds me mixing up a fresh batch of soup, served for supper on Saturday, the rest planned over for work lunches the upcoming week. Great way to make use of homemade stock that I am constantly making, and to use up bits of this n that as far as leftovers are concerned. While reading my blogs, I came across today's post from Frugal Queen:

Perfect! I did modify this a bit, using reserved pork fat and chopped, leftover, garlic infused/marinated pork tenderloin in lieu of the bacon as well as the added garlic; added some leftover, heirloom tomatoes with chopped basil; substituted green lentils for the red as that is what we have, used vegetable stock cubes plus the dregs of some aeseptic boxed beef stock that needed to go. I will also add some fresh, organic parsley towards the end. Smells awesome! I look forward to having some in tomorrow's lunch at work.

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Belinda said...

I was just looking at her recipe and thinking I have everything on hand to make that this week too, even with a little modifying. Great minds think alike. :)