Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saturday errands and more on bills


Up and out early Saturday, but not before hanging a load of clothes up to air dry and setting up a Crock Pot to cook a batch of Potage St Germain, a French-Canadian pea soup for supper.

First errand: a trip over to the transfer/recycling center. Once again, I had far too much actual TRASH. Grr . .something just isn't right. I still had a ton of recycling, which is the norm for us. I asked for my recycling trash bags back, so as to reuse them until they are spent. Even with buying them at Aldi's ($5.49? box) they are expensive. $10.80-more than what I allot per month. While I anticipated a slight increase in charges, this has more than doubled. I was spending $4-$8 month for trash fees. I have noted that DS tosses things that are supposed to be recycled or composted. Time to put signs up on the trash/recycling bins that list what goes where.

Next: Shoprite. They had several things on sale, I used $7.30 in coupons as well. This is what I bought: 2 boxes each: elbow macaroni, plain ziti, ditalini (figure that I can use these both in soups as well as pasta-tuna salad), 4 4 lb bags Domino sugar, 2 boxes Bigelow tea, 4 loaves Arnold whole grain bread (50 % off and I had coupons), 2 tins bristling sardines, 3 marked down orange peppers, marked down bananas, marked down mushrooms, buttermilk, just over a lb of Deli cheese ends @ $2.79/lb (Apline lace Swiss, Provolone, Mozzarella, Colby Pepper Jack, Munster); a Deli marked down end piece of ham (for aforementioned soup), 2 bottles Loreal color care shampoo, I spent $41.12 cash.

Next: Stop and Shop: I saved $2 with coupons and an additional $2.96 in employee discounts, Here's what I got: 2 each of store brand 2 liter sodas: root beer, cola, lemon-lime; 2 boxes store brand "cheeze its," Twinings Darjiling tea, 2 bags 8 o'clock hazelnut coffee (BOGO), 4 bags Manicheviwz (sp?) egg noodles @ 88 cents-I always stock up on these around the Jewish holdiays, a crash n burn can of Maxwell House hazelnut coffee, 1 12 pack Scotts TP (on sale, plus I had a coupon to stack on it so I paid $3.99 for what normally goes for $10.69!), a crash n burn pkg 4 ct store brand Tp @ $1.59, 2 bags of red bliss potatoes @ 49/lb on marked down, 2 5 lb bags white potatoes BOGO, 2 3 lb bags yellow onions BOGO, almost 6 lbs of Gala apples @ 79/lb (local from CT-awesome deal), 12 individual yogurts, a bottle of Tropicana (store cpn), a marked down pkg of raspberry turnovers, 1 marked down loaf of Challah bread (was thinking French toast), 2 loaves Sara Lee whole grain white bread (coupon). I sent $56.60 cash.

Dollar Tree: 5 24 oz cans (these are significantly larger than the normal sized ones)spaghettios-for the emergency shelf, 2 boxes Betty Crocker au gratin potatoes, 2 damp rid type gizmos for the basement (so I don't need the dehumidifier), 2 8 ct pkgs batteries, a pkg of sunflower seeds, 2 pkgs twix snack size bars. I used $1.50 in coupons (spaghettios and potatoes), spent $12.94

Aldi's: 1 take n bake pizza, 2 gallons each: apple cider and milk, 3 pkgs Danish for Sunday bfst treat, 2 qts 1/2 & 1/2, 2 large acorn squash, 2 fzn oj, 2 bags "mounds" type candies, 2 pkgs pie crusts, lb each butter and stick margarine, 2 tubs neufchatel cheese spread (then I forgot the bagels!), 5 pkgs assorted sliced cheeses for sandwiches, crackers, 2 tubs ice cream, 2 bags tortilla chips. I got a credit of 85 cents for bottle returns, spent $68.79 cash.


Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Hi Carol! I'm thinking that you may need to "remind" DS and his GF about things that you and the rest of the kids do without thinking. And remind them again. It's possible that living together especially with their crazy retail schedules, they've gotten too comfortable and were not watching the pennies as closely as they should have been. (I know I was definitely wasteful during and straight after college all those years ago. I just had too many other things I was thinking about.) Now that they are living with you it is translating into more expenses for you and you cannot afford that.

Depending on how much you share with your kids about money, expenses etc., it might be time for some sit down family meetings where you go over the budget, maybe rope them (all your kids) into doing more chores, shopping etc. If DS and GF are serious it could also be really good for their relationship when they are back living on their own.

Cheers ~ Pru

CTMOM said...

Yes, I've spoken to everyone, individually, and have frequently referenced that we (aka "the family") all MUST do everything that we can to save. Both DS # 1 and GF signed what I call a "lodger cagreementontract"-I spoke directly with them before drafting it, outline what I had as notes written down, house rules, expectations, etc.
"be concervative with electric/water usage (especially during first few months as we get a handle on utility costs). Shutting off lights, using daylight vs a lamp, line drying laundry, only washing full loads preferably in cold water, 10 minutes or less showers, using smaller appliances, etc are all measures to meet this goal. If lodger decides to use the clothes dryer, lodger will pay $1/load* reimbursement (may increase due to electric rates)"
While some of this may be "growing pains"-we've been living together now 6 weeks. Bills have rolled in, everyone knows that I am far from happy. We'll hopefully resolve this quickly and get a better grasp on utilities.