Sunday, September 21, 2014

Planning ahead

as the new month is just around the corner. Today found me shopping again, coupons and lists in hand, taking advantage of some deals and restocking the house with essentials.

 One task I had: preparing the marked down, multi colored peppers I got at Shoprite. 99/lb for the green, $1.99 for the red/yellow/orange once.
 I prepared 2 bags of what I call "pepper cups," which I use while still frozen, to make Crock Pot stuffed peppers. With the way meat prices are going, any trick to stretch meat for our larger family, is welcomed. I will have 2 meals out of these. Additionally, I trimmed the caps of the peppers and chopped or sliced them, also for the freezer. When produce skyrockets once local gardens are done, I can turn to my freezer for a bright addtion to our Winter meals. I especially like using these multi colored peppers in quiche, a green bean side dish, omelettes, not to mention spaghetti.
 Just a small offering of non American cheese ends this week. No worries, I took what they had to offer.
 Munster, Provolone, 2 types Swiss
Now shredded on my box grater, these piles join other same type cheese shreds in freezer bags. I learned a new technique from Frugal Queen that uses little cheese in quiche, and it's delicious.

One reason I went shopping was to grab some bone in (my preference) center cut pork loin chops @ $1.99. I got 3, 6 ct pkgs for 3 meals these upcoming months. October menus are set, so these chops will most likely be served in Nov, Dec and Jan.

I recently learned that the site thru which I received a new, annual calender is shutting down, I will not be receiving a second calendar (I keep 2: one for appointments, another for dinner plans)so I "splurged" at Dollar Tree this weekend and spent 50 cents plus tax on another one for the upcoming year.


Belinda said...

If you don't mind my asking, what site for the calendar is shutting down, Carol? I joined the Pillsbury site hoping to get a calendar from them this year.

Tracy Hathcock said...

I like the idea of keeping a calendar for dinner menus. I may have to try that out in the new year!

CTMOM said...


Live Better America. They would send me a freebie calendar every year.

CTMOM said...

Helps me with planning dinners

Belinda said...

Thanks, Carol. :)