Tuesday, September 16, 2014

October 2014 menus

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Mid month, so time to plan out NEXT month's dinner's, incorporating what is on hand as much as possible. Vegetable sides will be determined by Fall CSA shares, if not supplemented with canned/frozen varieties.

1-CP homemade Italian meatballs (fzn) in homemade marinara over spaghetti, salad, veg
2-fzn ground turkey-dried pinto bean tacos on soft tortillas, fzn corn, rice-black bean mix, refried beans
3-black bean burgers, oven fries, veg
4-mixed bean soup with Italian sausage
5-beer battered white fish (have soem Pollock, some Swai), oven fries, veg
6-homemade clam chowder (fzn clams), saltines
7-Cp fzn ground turkey-dried pinto chilli, homemade corn bread
8-baked chicken drums (fzn), buttered noodles, veg
9-beef franks (fzn), homemade baked beans (fzn), coleslaw
10-creamed salmon (used canned fish) over boiled potatoes, fzn peas
11-split pea soup (use fzn ham bone)
12-roast whole chicken (fzn), brown rice, veg
13-salmon cakes (use canned), mashed potatoes, veg
14-beef (fzn cubes) stew in CP, herbed biscuits
15-ham omelettes, salad, veg
16-planned over: chicken fried rice (use fzn Asian veggies)
17-homemade pizza, salad
18-lentil soup (use other fzn ham bone)
19-Salisbury steak (fzn ground beef), make gravey from aeseptic stock, onions, canned mushrooms; mashed potatoes, veg
20-horseradish crusted white fish, buttered noodles, veg
21-Sheila's brown sugar chicken over Ramen, veg
22-chicken curry over rice
23-hamburger and macaroni, veg
24-crab (use canned) quiche, salad, veg
25-turkey vegetable soup (use fzn stock)
26-Sheppard's pie (use fzn ground beef and lentil mixture), salad
27-tuna casserole, salad
28-kielbasa dogs (fzn), homefries, veg
29-mushroom-onion quiche, salad, veg
30-ham (fzn cubes)fried rice with mandarins and pineapple tidbits
31-Froogs sticky chicken* (substituted for pork, BSCB is fzn); ramen, canned green beans

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