Sunday, September 21, 2014

Checking the receipts and following up on errors


I recently had TWO errors from 2 different stores, that I discovered after the fact, once home and tallying my slips. Grr.

First: Aldi's where I was charged $6.99 for a backpack when in reality I bought a lunch box. The issue wasn't the store's fault, exactly, somehow in the factory a "backpack" price tag with UPC was attached to this lunch bag. I lost the receipt (bought in Summer) but I had bought 3 total lunch boxes, so I had 2 with the correct UPC price tag, and one that is wrong. I asked for the manager today. I explained what happened and stated that I DO want the item, it's just that I was overcharged. No problem, even without my receipt. They refunded the $6.99 plus tax and now the bag is a freebie, per CT consumer law. Nice.

Second: Dollar Tree where I was charged for 6 cartons of eggs yesterday, when I only bought 4. Again, I asked for the Manager, I explained that I was overcharged. No issue-did I want the $2 back or the eggs that I didn't receive. I chose just to grab the eggs.

A reminder to pay careful attention at the register and to read slips immediately. I was rushed.

Luckily, this worked out well for me.


Belinda said...

I have had 2 mistakes lately too. One, I priced matched grapes at Walmart. I bought two packages. One they charged me the right price, but the second one they didn't. They refunded my money with no problem.

Now a second one from Sunday. I bought 5 items, but they charged me for 6. I will have to take care of that one the next time I am in there.

Theresa F said...

I have made it a habit to always check my receipts before I leave the parking lot. Two stores in particular are brutal for scanning errors. I always go to customer service to use the scanning code of practice that is followed by most stores in Canada. Some cashiers get down right irritated as though they are paying me out of their own pocket. I figure if stores don't want to give away free items, they should make sure their items scan at the right prices!